A man can dream { short story }

I dreamt of pirates , castles and dragons and knights in shining armour, saving damsels in distress when I was a child, and I guess that's when I realized my love for writing and storytelling. I thought I could be the kind of person that sets a kid to heart a flame, of course, I was once a naive child who also dreamed of being a king and a pirate and sailing all the seven seas, it's sad, you know, me, miles Henderson, who once wanted to be a legend but is supposedly an old retired man who feeds ducks every day, oh to young, I sign as I gaze at the glistening pond in front of me, my teeth, well whats remaining of teeth, clink together, an old habit of mine, a smile graces my face, I'm not all that old but n young , that's for sure, I sometimes wish I had spent more time with my loved ones instead of chasing such a dream, a sense of calmness rolls over me like a warm blanket, I look up t the sky in wonder and curiosity, what up there I ask myself aloud, still wanting to know, I shake my head at my foolish and immature thoughts, what gives the right to continue dreaming, I had years for that, now I should just rest and enjoy the couple years left I have left on this earth , i cringe at that thought knowing full well thats never going to happen but again a man can dream rigfht , a giggle is heard next to me and i turn my head in curiosity , i see a small boy , i pause and squint my eyes , or girl i guess but nonetheless theres a child roughly im assuming four or six years old , younger than my grandchilden thats for sure , i continue to gaze at the children , as they run slowly with what im guessing is a parent next to them , a chucke leaves my lips , agian , oh to be able to move like that , i mumble, " um , sir " a young boy says approaching me , my head moves towards him , i nod for him to continue , he moves his hands from his back and holds out a book to me , my eyebrows raise in question , surely this child doesn want me to help him , i look back up at his expression and is suprised when i see him smiling , " my mom saw you staring and she told me i should go talk to you but i thought i could read a story" the boy says with a small stutter, i nod and glance aound me , but dont see any women , my eyeberows frown but i direct my eyes towars the child, whos now seated beside me , now im definetly surprised , children these days are so forward its quiet strange but i say nothing , he proceeds to open the book and my expression softens , its been a while sice ive ahd someone read to me , i missed it guess , the child starts at a comfortable pace and i sign in releif , i didnt want to have to direct someoene on how to read , too old for that , i get distracted but im pretty sure the book is a very advanced and modern version of the ugly duckiling , one of my absolute favorites growing up , it brings back alot of pleasent memeories , im broken out of my train of thought , when i feel a sudden pressure on my arm , i look down and notice the childs curios expression , he bites his lip ans i wait patiently for him to ask his question " i want to be a writer when i get older , like my dad" he suddenly says , i look down suprised , thats quite ambitious , not strange but ambitious " my day passed away a long time ago, and i know mommy is still sad but she hides it" he says continuing , i raise my eyebrows in alarm , what in the world , theres no way way i can stop him now, so i might as well listen ," she threw put all the books in our house, but i managed to hide this one" he say , i notice his voice quivering and i fight the urge to roll my eyes , ive never been weak to childrens tears , theyve always been a nuisnace , even as a child i refraned from shedding tears , i sign and place my hand on the childs shoulder , " you can be a writer, you can be whatever yoy desire , because this is world is your book and you can right whatever you want down ", i say patting his shoulder gently , he looks at me for a couple of minutes before wiping his tears with the back of his hand , " thank you sir " , he say hopping of the bench , i smile at him gently , he turna around and starts walking , my eyebrows frown in question when his body suddenly begins to sway , i get up ready to help when suddenly im sur--- ; i shoot up out of bed , breathing heavily , i frown my eyebrows and glance at my surroundings , i sign once i realize , im just in my university dorm room , i flop back down and close my eys , such a vivid dream i say , still breathing heavy , i glance to my right at the manuscript laying on my bedstand , the one i was planning on not submitting because i didnt think it was good enough , i grin and throw my legs over the side of my bed , i have the perfect name for my new book a man can dream. {couldnt post a picture sorry, just wanted pople to see my story , goodbye}

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