\"I'll go anywhere you want me to...\" I remember starting into your big, brown eyes. You used to smile at me and jokingly ask me what I was looking at. I knew I was staring at one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. You towered over me and as you pulled me close, your fragrance sent my senses into overdrive. I was drawn to your beauty. Your touch sent electricity through my body as you stared lovingly into my spirit. I knew that it wasn't love yet, but you made me feel as though paradise was a person. Being with you was like breathing— so easy. The thing about danger... Sometimes, it can be right in front of you and you can't see it until it's too late. You saw my vulnerability slip though the cracks of the wall I meticulously built and you shattered the nick in the wall exposing every part of me. You used your charms and your beauty to hide the monster that lurked in your darkness. And I fell hard and fast on the idea of who you were. The ground shattered my soul as I fell to reality. I realized then that my heart would never have been the same again. I sat for months letting my heart bleed the pain you caused. I was left craving the pull and push of your love while you chased the happiness you longed for. I always thought drugs and alcohol caused addiction. But nothing in this world prepared me for the addiction that is you.

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