Adore the leaf!

The above picture is the second picture which I clicked from my brand new smartphone. The picture shows a fresh leaf which is in its prime youth. One day while I was strolling in my garden, all of a sudden, my attention went to this leaf. Just by looking at the plant, anyone could have felt that there was something different about this particular leaf. It was quite easy to spot. It was brighter as well as slightly smaller than the others. After I discovered this leaf, I started taking care of it and made sure that it looked the same always. I was able to keep a track of it for 6-7 days but to my utter disappointment, on the very same day of the next week I was unable to find that leaf again. I don't know where it disappeared. I felt really sad. Maybe it just went away with the wind or it is possible that due to the pressure of the rain drops the delicate leaf weighed down and drifted away from its counterparts. Whatever be the reason but I felt really bad about it... I know nothing is permanent in this world and no one of us is forever. But the effect that leaf had on me, its ethereal beauty, its freshness and its liveliness, is surely there to stay! As in John Keats famous words, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." 💚

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