Ahmad ali molania jelodar

We will talk about Ahmad Ali Molania jelodar He was born in 1985 And in Iran, Mazandaran, Babol and the city of Gotab He started kung fu at the age of 18 And from the age of 22 he has continued this martial art of kickboxing professionally until he has won more than 13 championships in Iran from the age of 25 to the age of 30. In total, he was a writer and wrote articles in several weekly magazines and monthly magazines in Iran. The number of his articles in 4 years was 330. Ahmed Ali is an expert in metaphysics and in 2020 he was the most powerful metaphysical martial artist in the world who has never been found like him in history. He is currently an IT Engineering Expert and a Master of Industrial Engineering And has 3 companies in Iran, the largest of which is Info Universe Which is an IT company with special services.

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