She was a hardworking, intelligent, and ambitious woman. Since the beginning of the war she could not sleep well because of the sounds of the explosions... She knew very well to what extent had the corruption in her country expanded, but it did not occur to her that the soldiers would shoot their brothers everywhere in this country, and for what?!For keeping a mad, irresponsible, and disgusting man sitting on his chair as a President !!! Everyday the condition was becoming worse and worse, everyday sufferings were becoming more and more. But in spite of everything they ought to survive, they ought to keep living, they ought to defeat the tyranny. There was a big garden round her house, in it there were olive,lemon, and fruit trees. She ought to take care of them very well, every green plant was very important. Her old son had been arrested by the soldiers, she ought to keep her faith, she ought to defeat her sadness, she ought to take care of the rest of the family. Her husband was sick, but he was doing his best to help her with the rest of the family. Among the trees she planted tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine, parsley..etc. For the fertilizer she left a place of about 5×6 square meters to fertilize the earthworms which produce an organic fertilizer during a very short time .She used part of it for her plants, and she sold the other part . In the evenings after finishing her works, she was wondering among the houses of her neighbors, carrying sacks full of her products, to give them to the neighbors, encouraging them, and showing the greatest degree of compassion, responsibility, and generosity. One night, before going to bed she was sitting thinking about everything was happening in her country. She said to herself:what kind of madness is this? How can the condition be bad to this degree? What kind of world we do live in? Everything must have been finished years ago. How is it able for a man- a silly foolish man- to kill and displace most of the nation of this country? What right does he have to do this? Is this country his private farm? Did he inherit it from his father?And who is he ,and who was his father? They are just two assassins. They had always ruled this country by iron and fire .They had been thieves, murderers, and rascals. Everything is happening in front of the sight of the whole world, this plotter world, who kept silent at the sight of the killing of the neighboring President without feeling any shame, although there is no possibility of comparing between them,and after that, this neighboring country was left completely to death. All of that had happened in front of, and with the blessing of this unjust world. Death is everywhere, unfairness is everywhere, oppression is everywhere, and it seems that what is happening is not enough,so they are talking about a world which will be ruled by an elite !!! Who is this elite?And where was it up till now? They are the cause of every evil on earth. They support the death of 7/8 of the inhabitants of this planet !!! How can people be so foolish, so selfish, and so arrogant? Every member of this mean elite is the product of a sexual relationship between a man and a woman, and he is always in need for water and food, and he is always carrying feces in his abdomen, and death and being the food of the worms are his certain end, and what an end is !!! How can a person think that he is better than the others, and he deserves life more than them?HOW?!!! People differ from each other ,exactly like metals do, there is gold, silver, iron, copper...etc, but every one is very important for our lives. At last she stopped thinking and went to her bed. In her dream she saw herself ruling her country, and the first thing she did, was getting her country out of The United Nations, and getting rid of its and The Security Council's tyranny and oppression .They allowed the assassin of her country to keep ruling, to keep killing, and to keep displacing her nation by The Security Council's silly (VITO) which was always used according to only the benefit of the user, and there is a big difference between benefit and justice. Whereas The United Nations, was from the beginning the cover of every oppression. After that the other countries did what she had done, and every country lived happily without the interfering of the other countries, and every ruler became very desirable to only what is good for his nation. When she woke up in the morning, she remembered her dream and said ALAS ! It was just a dream. But deeply in her heart, she felt that if a Third World War will happen, it will absolutely begin from her country.

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