Are you one of the victims of WhatsApp hackers...

The purpose of writing this article is to create awareness and to let everyone knows how to protect themselves by not falling victim to hackers on WhatsApp. On those sets of people who are yet to come to the knowledge or already had bitterly experienced in the past to share their views on our blog in a bid to be a solution to others rather than the problem. For a long time ago, according to research as it is shown that hacking is an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer. But nowadays hackers are now known for their fraudulent attitude and evil heart to impersonate someone else to defraud people by carrying out malicious attacks. Take for example the following, According to the English dictionary. Hacker (plural hackers) One who is an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer. One who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data, or to carry out malicious attacks. The nowadays hackers have seriously improvised advanced ways of changing WhatsApp pin and two-step verification through a conference call to hack people's telephone numbers for their own selfish and evil intentions. Hacker and Scammer Advertisements on WhatsApp So many cases of hackers on WhatsApp have drastically increased from 50% - 60% in the year 2020 during the lockdown COVID-19 pandemic. Being a witness and a phone call interview with one of the victim's admin in community development association Explained how? He said that It happened at night as the hacker invited some of the group members by calling them on one. And specially invited the group admin for a conference call and during the conference call the hacker gained access to change the pin and two-step verification by removing the admin on that platform and changed the WhatsApp setting to only the admin can post and edit. In a nutshell, nobody could remove the hacker because the hacker has succeeded in taking over the community development association WhatsApp group. If you are an admin and have experienced such attacks, kindly look for a way to send or pass messages across to all group members to separate themselves with immediate effect by removing their telephone numbers on such a WhatsApp group, etc. Visit: for more information

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