Baking A Cake

If you want to achieve any goal in your life. There are the same steps which you need to follow when baking a cake. 1) Choose a recipe. 2) Clean up the kitchen. 3) Get the ingredients ready. 4) Bake 5) Wait Now how can we implement these 5 steps in our mission? 1) Choose a recipe - First you need to find out what you truly want to do. For example, I wish to write something for my post. So the cake which I wanted to prepare is this post. 2) Clean up the kitchen - One has to be sure what to do and what not to. So I just cleaned up my mind and removed all those thoughts and emotions which were disturbing. In general, make space for the mission. 3) Get the ingredients ready - The ingredients which were required to 'bake' this post were words, thoughts, ideas, etc. 4) Bake - Just do it step by step and you will find yourself done with baking the cake. I wrote the content and posted it on my page. 5) Wait - After the cake is ready, you offer it to your family members and wait for their reaction. Just the way I am waiting now for you all to read this post and give your review. At the end, the cake is baked and the goal is achieved too. ✔ *TMI: This is what I prepared for my parents' 20th wedding anniversary.💞*

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