In my life as a young 17 year old female life I like to have an active part in my community and in school. I enjoy asserting myself into new clubs and sports. I also would take part in small community service acts around my city and school. I am currently in my junior year of high school. I participate in girls varsity basketball for three years now and also been the captain for my team since my freshman year. Leadership is a subject I don't take lightly. Leading others as long as myself to their best as always been a passion of mine. I have been told by many that I excel in taking responsibility in many group activities. And in conclusion I have many of my team mates look up to me in a mentoring way. I take great pride in being a leader and setting for the young minds in my community. Not only am I an athlete I campaigned and ran for student government my junior year. I am now the Junior Class Secretary. Student Government is something I definitely enjoy being apart of and will consider running next year as senior for president of vice president. Another club I take part of is TSA (Technology Student Association) where we compete in in state and national conferences against high-schools all over Florida.This past state conference of the 2018-2019 year my school placed 2nd overall in the state and will be traveling to Washington D.C. for nationals to compete against teams all around the nation. TSA is a great program to be apart of not only did I make incredible new friends I learned so much more about STEM careers. I am now in my second year TSA and will be looking forward to my third and final year and will make nothing but the most of it. This summer I received a letter form my school inviting me to participate in "Peer Mentor ship". A hand full a students were selected after submitting 3 letters recommendation. I am nothing but grateful for taking part in this program. First day of school as a mentor we each took a group of freshman under our wing and helped them navigate through the halls high school for their first time. We also help out in school wide events like "career day", in which I escorted Police Officers around all day, and I loved the experience. Now everything has not always been easy and fun for me. My freshman year I tore my meniscus in my first basketball game which, put me out for the rest of the season. But, with plenty of help and having growth mindset I rehabilitated quickly and came back my sophomore year. Not to long into my sophomore year of basketball I took a nasty fall in a game and tore my ACL in my same knee. Many people told me i should just focus on academics at this point but I wasn't letting this stop me from doing what I love. Finally my junior year I came back stronger than ever ready to be who I was again a shining athlete ! But misfortune soon struck when were at the edge of winning our district championship I tore my ACL and meniscus in the opposite knee. I was devastated. This will not stop me from being the great player I am. Senior year is my year and I have nothing to lose. Some may say I am crazy but with the flow of interest letters of colleges flowing in is of my many motivators to keep going. This just shows I never give up, if I want then I go for it and stop at nothing till I get it.

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