PART 1 It was on a sunny Sunday. Maybell and her two toddlers went to church for service. Church was going on well when suddenly dark clouds began to gather up in the sky. Thunder storms was probably coming. Lightenings could already be seen. Everyone wondered why the clouds darkened suddenly because it was sunny just a few minutes ago. The pastor wrapped up service in minutes and then dismissed the congregation so that all would be home before the heavy rain starts. The pastor knew that such storm wasn't ordinary and isn't something that's gonna end in hours. A fierce wind began to blow outside and noises of the wind were heard. People began to panic when suddenly, the wind blew of part of the church's roof. Maybell went to the children's church in haste to pick up her kids. They needed to get home fast. She picked up her little daughter learning how to walk and her son and they started running home. Her son, Mark was holding her back as he couldn't meet up her pace. She managed to get to the road side. She wanted to stop a taxi but no car was forth coming. She was getting frustrated as the wind was getting fiercer by the minute. She turned back to see if any of her church members could carry her home in their car. They had all gone. She wondered when they bypassed her without her knowledge. Since her house is situated at about two streets away from the church, she decided to trek home. She thought that if perhaps the storm met her on the way she would stop by to shelter herself in one of the shops or sheds. The trio began to run home. As expected, the rain started. There was no shed nearby. She was running and then Mark, her son, fell down. She picked him up but he started behaving faint. "Mark! Wake up! Don't be like this please. We have to get home. It's mummy!" Maybell said in frustration trying to reviver her son. He was shivering seriously. Suddenly, her daughter began making a freaking noise and spit came running out of her mouth and then she gave up the ghost. Weird right? "Maryyyyyy!!!" Maybell screamed in agony as tears fell down her face rapidly. One kid dead, the other sick. She knelt down, caressing her kids compassionately. Suddenly, the wind blew and a paper flying, blown by the wind caught her attention. The paper wasn't wet when everything around her was soaked with water. A mystery right? On the paper was scribbled some words "DON'T GO HOME" that sentence was written in blood. She wondered where to go now. The church or the hospital? Her instinct told her to go back to the church. But what about her kids? "WHERE IS YOUR FAITH" She heard a voice ask in a whisper. She carried her two kids and managed to go back to the church. Half of the church's roof had already been blown away. The rain had reduced but wasn't ready to stop yet. Maybell saw an old woman sprawled on the floor, dead. That was probably as a result of the storm. She got into the church building and was heading for the altar. The ground was wet as a result of the blown roof. Water was dripping in. The pastor was kneeling down by the altar praying with his head bowed. "Drop the kids on the altar." He ordered. Maybell obeyed quietly. "What can I do sir? I was ordered to come here. I want my kids back alive and hearty." Maybell said with tears in her voice. Pity could be seen, written boldy on the pastor's face. "Leave them here till tomorrow morning."

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