Boredom is a bad word

Boredom is a bad word. It is distasteful and inappropriate, for all situations, and at all times. It is the killing of the mind. With the mind, nothing is without a chance of good pass-time. Boredom cries for entertainment. And yes, entertainment can be derived of every lull if given effort. But then, does everything have to be entertaining? Can there be no entertainment and no boredom, at the same time? Entertainment is usually a distraction from everyday actions. A source of interest beyond the usual interactions of life. What, on the other hand, is boredom? The picture that generally comes to mind for boredom is lulling eyelids on an expressionless face, and a mind that cries for distraction, but is too tired to find it. Boredom is commonly associated to being "stuck" with nothing to do. When there comes a moment with nothing to do, very often it is described as a "boring" moment. And usually, when someone says they are "bored," they say it with a disgusted, annoyed tone of voice, which seems to imply that someone needs to entertain them, fast. But why? Sure, they need a break from everyday exercises, but do they need a lively distraction from it? Entertainment is good and healthy, without argument. Nonetheless, life should not have to consist solely of everyday routine, and entertainment. There is one more thing in life, which is commonly forgotten, but which is arguably the biggest secret to sanity. This secret is nothing. Simply doing nothing. Oftentimes there is little chance of doing nothing in our busy lives, but this is not about busy times. This is about times in life when things are the least busy. Times in life when it seems like everything stops. Times when things are slow as molasses. There is every reason to just sit. It has been given a bad name, doing nothing. Obviously we all know that it is only bad to do nothing when times are busy, and when duties call, which is most of the time. But when those times have a cease-fire, for one reason or another, it is quite healthy just to sit and look around, or close your eyes, and listen, and let yourself be still. There is so much good to taking advantage of lulls in life, just to do nothing. So much goodness grows out of stillness. A flower makes very little effort, if at all, and yet it becomes something of great pleasure to all. Trees are the soul of deep-seated stillness, and yet they become tall and lush and their branches are a welcome shade on a hot day. This secret of doing nothing is why boredom is a bad word. Because in associating stillness with lackluster, boredom has given a good thing a bad name.

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