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Covid-19 It can not be denied that this word can make almost everyone shocked and bit frightened. In the beginning of the year 2020 there was not nearly any country which hadn't suffered from this “cholera ofthe 21st century”. Among them ,our country Uzbekistan is not exception. It is true that less death rates were recorded compared to other countries but there was not anyone who had not infected. Forexample,let me say about condition that my own family experienced.Among my family members , I was like seperated land all the time I don't know why but cannot refuse the probability of teenage period.I was just rude and disrespectful to my parents and nearest ones. I was just dreaming about adulthood and being free especially getting rid of them. Due to our strong immune system and healthy routine me and my family had easily defeated covid But last but not the least my dearest granmother had suffered a lot. Because from her young age she had goitre and before a year 2019 she had experienced a serious surgery and removed her goitre from ger neck and during the operation even her heart stopped for some time and she nearly died .Due to falsehood of surgeons she was obliged to live with a hole on her neck during her remained life. For this reason she is very tend to have a cold. For 2 years of Coronavirus she has suffered a lot in front of my eyes. I felt her pain on her neck because it is not easy for someone old to experience this evil infection with hole neck. For this period I had been like lively dead. Because my grandmother is a woman whohas grown me from my age of 1 . Because my parents were abroad an when I woke up every morning I had felt kindness and warm heart of my grandma .After all I have realized losing her is worse than dying ,for me. Yes I agree that all humanity had suffered from this infection but it taught me the importance of our loved ones and its impact is undeniable

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