COVID-19 taught us a lesson

COVID-19 it is a long story that hasn't been simple and will stay for a history. This disease catastrophe spread so quickly all over the world resulting in almost 20 millions of dead. COVID-19 brought rapid changes to the lives of the that never have such situation occurred before. People had to stay at home because of quarantine . Isolation had a big effect on people's both mental and physical health. Everyone had difficulties to adjust quarantine regulations. Especially, unusual behaviours: depression, anxieties were often seen among adults. ,,STAY AT HOME " we can see this repeatable words everywhere. Surviving from Pandemic become obsession. Regarding of impacts of on physical health, during the Pandemic most of the people turned their lives into passive lifestyle. Because, we are living technology age, they bought everything, range from foods to clothes, at the touch of the button. Besides, during the Pandemic majority of people lost their jobs and they had to live in a difficult condition. But COVID-19 has taught us a valuable lesson. What I mean by this is that, people have understood health is wealth and family is the most important. Nowadays there aren't as many close-knit families as before. Because for some people earning money is their first priority. Before the Pandemic people didn't dedicate their time for family. They were so occupied with their jobs. Quarantine gave the chance of being in the family circle. They realized something that their parents who are getting older want a nice chat. Saying,,Mom Dad only God knows how much you mean to me " is the best gift for them. What about for their children? While they were working day in and day out their children might not felt any financial hardships but spending even a little time with children by either helping with their homework or playing some sort of the game are another things. Here I want to share my own story which may bring tears into your eyes.We lost our loved ones because of the virus. In 2022 December of 18 I lost my grandfather. After only two days my grandmother also passed away. You know what, because both of them infected by the virus. It is the worst days of my life. Even we couldn't be together and hug them in their last days of this world. If you have grandparents please take care of them and show your kindness as much as you can . Many rich people also died .Their money could not help them. It is , therefore, l am saying COVID-19 opened the people's eyes the life is not all about the money. Everything is secondary except family and health.


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