Cruel World

This World A Beautiful Nightmare Strong crushing weak without care Everyone is in despair This World Is not painted in Black and White But tainted with Gray All are hunters All are prey This World A fickle place Changing day-night without trace This World so cruel; Yet so beautiful Where still I keep looking For a place, like Fool Struggling every second for so long Just so, I have a place A home, where I can belong. I think Finally, I found a place Moving ahead of everyone In Life name race But what's this sound I'm hearing Footsteps of some stranger Is it a warning? Of some imminent Danger! In This World Whenever you try to make a stand There will be people trying to make The concrete under your feet into despair of quicksand This world is no fairytale story No prince charming here to rescue in all his glory To make sure you never fall You have to trade your soul By crushing other's dreams and all Only then can you stand tall Because This World is that cruel.

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