She meets him online and his attention excites her immensely. Knowing next to nothing about him doesn't worry her since his pictures indicate that he's handsome and his flattery towards her is endless. They talk for weeks but make no plans to meet up. This bothers her but she doesn't want to voice her disappointment incase he leaves. And she doesn't want to be left alone. Months go by and she gathers her courage and asks to videochat. She yearns to connect his face with a voice. She wants her fantasy of him to become more real. To her relief, he agrees. They set up a time for the next evening. As she presses the FaceTime icon and his video begins to load, she feels her heart in her throat. “Good evening sweetheart.” His voice sounds a lot huskier than she expected but that doesn't surprise her as much as his face does when his video finally comes into focus. “Cat caught your tongue?” She struggles to find her voice but she couldn't seem to do anything but stare. “I know I'm a little bit older than my pictures but it's still me. I'm still you're Henry.” Upon more scrutinization, she recognizes the man before her based on his profile but he must be at least twenty years older. “I didn't think of you as a shallow girl,” he scolds her. “I thought our connection meant more than anything else. That's the only reason I agreed to videochat with you. I see that I was mistaken...” “No, wait!” She finally finds her voice and his threat of abandoning her terrifies her. “I was just a little taken aback but I'm okay now. You're still the same guy I fell for.” Henry smiles, revealing yellow, crooked teeth. She tries not to shudder outwardly and does her best to smile back. “I promise to love you forever kiddo. I'll never leave your side.” She feels herself gagging at his words but this is what she wanted for herself; she wanted to be worthy to someone, even if that person was old enough to be her father.

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