Early marriage to girls

Every girls dream is to have a good life and be successful. Successful can be defined in many ways. I came through a lady who was my co-worker and I asked her, what she knows success as. She told me, is having a good husband who loves, respect her and take good care of her. This was her mind-set and I respected it. I had no objection on it because we all don't think alike. To her that's what being successful meant. What this lady told me made me think a lot when I was alone. The next day I went to ask her what she meant. She told me her story I couldn't believe my ears. Everything seemed as if it was a dream but no it was reality. She lost her mother when she was nine years old. Her father had to marry another wife to take care of him and his children. Her step mother used to treat her so badly, she made her do all the house chores. She never felt bad or hated her stepmom. She loved studying a lot but this was cut of on one occasion. Everything changed when she experienced her first monthly period. It was on a holiday when her stepmother took her to their hometown. She thought that she was going to visit her close relatives. Little did she know what was in stored for her? Her step mother has planned an arranged marriage for this young girl. What about her education? All her dreams was shuttered into pieces. What she could see ahead of her only darkness. She had no other choice but to accept the marriage. She got married to her close cousin whom she has never met. The wedding happened so quickly and she was taken to husband. They stayed together for three years only, she was later on divorced. God blessed them with two kids a girl and a boy. The girl was left heartbroken. The foundation of their marriage was not strong that's why it didn't last long. In every relationship you need to have a strong foundation or else it won't last long. She went back to her father's house with her children. The ex-husband wanted to take the children away from her. She refused because they were young and she wanted to raise her children herself. She didn't want her children to go through what she went through. At her father's house things didn't go well because he wasn't able to provide for her and her children. She went everywhere to look for a job so as to provide for her family. Looking for a job was not easy at all because she had no certificate. Everywhere she went the first thing they would ask her was her education. This made her feel so bad. She later on got a job as a cook. She was paid $3 daily, it wasn't enough but she was happy that she could provide for her children. She used to cook for builders who were building houses. The work was temporary as soon as the building complete there is no work. She later on got a job as a housekeeper. She worked well, her employer praised her a lot. She was a very hardworking lady. One evening as she was heading home. She got a call from someone and she was told that she was hired as a cook in a five star restaurant. Her main work is to cook for employees. Her basic salary was $150 dollars per month. She was so excited and thanked god for this blessing. When she reached home she gave this news to her family. Everyone was happy to hear this. β€˜Hard work pays'

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