Escape From Roswell, The Roswell Incident of 1947

The being paced the desert floor as if in a trance. He had a small wound on his arm and he felt the cold breeze on his body. The being was not a tall being, just barely reaching four foot tall by human standards. His skin color was a light gray not unlike the fine dust of the desert he stood on. He had large eyes that helped him see better in the dim light of the world where his ship crash landed. His uniform was tattered from the crash that he just emerged from. As he looked at the ship that he was just in, he could see the bodies of his crew mates on the ground. His leader, Gled, was barely moving where he lay next to his broken ship. He could not see any movement from the other three of his crew mates. He felt certain that they had not survived the terrible crash. Bending down over his leader, he held his head in his hands and carefully lifted him up so he could look at his wounds. He asked him how bad he was hurt and he told him that the other three members were dead. “Gled, you are hurt bad. Do you know if you can walk. Can you speak of your wounds?” Tole said in a calm voice. Gled turned his head slightly and looked at Tole, his second in command. “I hurt badly my friend. I feel the death spirit entering me. You must try to stay away from here. We know that the inhabitants of this world are not friendly. Take what you can to survive from the ship. Be sure to take plenty of energy packs with you. Do not worry about my body. I will be happy to go home. May Sedot be with you. Now go. I know that our signal made it out. It will be some time before you are rescued. Go Tole, think of us as you stay alive.” And that was the last that he spoke when he died in Tole's arms. Tole could hear noises sounding from afar. He went to the broken ship and took as many energy packs that he could carry and he also found the survival bag that each member had been issued. Tole managed to find only two of them. As he finished gathering survival supplies, he could see bright lights some distance away. He hurried and ran as fast as he could and hid behind a small hill that was nearly a mile away from the crash scene. The faint glow of the still burning ship glowed enough so that Tole could see what was happening around his ship. He saw large wheeled vehicles approach his shattered ship and stop near it. He could see tall creatures exit the vehicles and carrying some form of weapon and surrounding the crash site. A few of the tall creatures moved upon the bodies of his friends and stood over them and a few of them had strange objects in their hands that flashed a bright light near the bodies. Tole was still unsure of the surroundings and had no information about the creatures that inhabited this world. On Tole's world, the one where his ship crashed was called 'Fet3'. The third planet from the small star that the planet orbited. He would later learn that the inhabitants of this world called their home planet, Earth. As Tole hid behind the hill, he could see the large transport vehicles at the crash site and the tall ones would surround the crash and began loading all the damaged craft into the back of the vehicles. One of the smaller vehicles had moved close to Gled and the others and creatures with white uniforms began to pick them up and load them into the small vehicles. Tole felt sad that his friends were now in the hands of the creatures of this world and not back at home. He watched as the vehicle with his crew mates moved off into the distance from where it came. He continued to keep an eye on the ones who remained behind who were still busy picking up every trace of his craft. Tole could see that it was beginning to become daylight, so he pulled out his recording pad and recorded the site and the creatures and strange vehicles that surrounded the site. He did this until all of the creatures had departed. After a while, Tole slept for a few hours. When Tole awakened, he could see nothing that remained where his crashed ship was just a few hours before. And there were no creatures of this world in sight and no vehicles. Slowly, Tole carefully looked around, surveying the entire area and could see no sign of life anywhere. He did see a few strange small animals of some kind scurrying around, but no tall two legged creatures. Tole felt that it was safe enough to venture out and look over where his wrecked ship was just the night before. As he cautiously walked back to the crash site, he could feel a tear moving down his cheek. He said a few prayer words for his friends, then gathered his thoughts and looked over the entire area where his ship and his friends were. Seeing that the tall creatures had managed to scrape the area clean from any and all debris from the crash, Tole knew what he must do now.

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