Example of a well written bio

Your biography is the best way to let people know you. Write your stories to engage with your audience and make more friends! But many people find it difficult to write a bio of themselves. Want to see an example of a good one? Read this one from Andie, singer and songwriter: “ANDIE entered the world on June 19th 2002 in Dartford Kent – accompanied by her mother and father. BEFORE long the voice sprang into action, and at 14 she was already a veteran of stage and studio in her native county. AS she inhaled the sounds of Jesse J and James Arthur — so the flames were fanned. IN the autumn of 2018 led to a liaison with legendary 80's producer Ian Curnow – and the results have been the talk of the town. SHE now sits along side the likes of Adele, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora at the globally renowned SSB Solicitors under the golden wing of Mr Paul Spraggon. ‘‘LET YOU GO” is available worldwide by Right Track Records through the Universal Music Group. THE word is out ! THE seeds are sown.”


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