Expanding Interests

It's been some time since I've posted here. With Covid19 still a concern with many of us, I've added a new interest in my life. Well it's not really that new, but it has been quite a long time since I've had guppies and seen their small babies, also known as fry. I used to have Neon Tetras in my 5 gallon aquarium, but now I've got two guppies, a female which last month gave birth to at least 1 fry, possibly two. I have separated the fry and put it in a1.5 gallon aquarium. The first male died and has been replaced and the female is pregnant again. Now in the 5 gallon aquarium are the two guppies, one Cherry shrimp and a snail 🐌. In the 1.5 gallon aquarium are the fry, a Blue Phantom shrimp and another snail 🐌. I have live plants in both tanks. I have read and heard that aquariums require less maintenance with live plants. The photo is of the fry and the snail in the 1.5 gallon aquarium. Stay safe and healthy!

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