Father of all things

You are the tree in the yard just like the one when I was little You are the clocks ticking from the alarms we brought with us You are the cement on the sidewalk we carved our names into You are the photo in my memory box upstairs You are the dark due to non-belief in nightlights You are the monster under the bed that wont let me hang my leg from the side of it You are the figurine in my room you gave to me as a young child You are the blanket you won for me at the carnival You are the gifted shoes I never wear since it came from your very own self You are father of all things.. Except for the father of me. Most importantly you are the shadow that follows me I am scared of it and why it is apart of me But just like the past it's always behind me And never where I want to go I keep moving forward without a father but a father of all things It will always be there, and it will always be apart of me It will not be my future or present but nearly a dark part of myself that once existed before and shaped me into who I became Although you may be a father to all these things, you were never one to me.

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