Why is there no fucking happiness? ⠀ So you seem to be doing healthy lifestyle and sports, and reading books, and learning English, and self-development, and generally doing everything in a row, but there is still no happiness. Why? ⠀ There are global and momentary solutions. Well, for example, you want to sleep in the morning, and you get up and go for a run, you want to have a glass of wine, and you are NO, I don't drink, like on a Soviet poster. Or don't eat a delicious steak, but choose a salad because you're on a diet. ⠀ In that case, you have a well-developed adoption of momentary decisions, but what for? Have you ever wondered what it is for you? Have you sat with a piece of paper and thought about how you want to see your life in the distant future? What's the meaning of your life? What's the goal? Just die later or do something worthwhile? ⠀ When a person is fully focused on momentary decisions and never thought about global ones, he resembles a very efficient hamster running on a wheel. Why is he running, where, why? Dick knows him, maybe it's easier on his soul, like a sense of accomplishment. Only there was no sense, and there is no, he will not come running anywhere. ⠀ If you don't think carefully about the global vector of why you are living your life, you will live it without any meaning. ⠀ It has always been the other way around for me, I think long and hard about the general global vector of my life, where everything is going. But in the momentary pleasures I often cannot deny myself. But I'm working on it, with age it turns out better with momentary things. ⠀ Sit down and think about the MEANING of your life on a piece of paper. Are you more about the global or the momentary? ⠀ What do you think?

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