The story about paintings and SD.

Our house hasn't been repaired since I was born.Plus, I would regularly draw seemingly meaningless pictures and figures all over the walls when I was a kid. Admittedly, even tough my mom says they don't deserve to be called '' paintings'', every figure makes a lot of sense to me. Especially, the picture of phone on the corner of the kitchen deeply resonates. I sketched it when my mom was at work because I wanted to talk with her via this phone. I would imagine her voice on the other end,promising to bring my favourite juice. But after that, I drew that very juice too next to the phone. Whenever I come across with these images, I dive deep into the flood of memories as they remind me of my carefree childhood days.The house is still the same, but everything else has changed. There also exists a small, yet significant, object that holds tremendous power in my life—the SD card. It is not merely a collection of files, but a gateway to a world of emotions and memories that have shaped my existence. I remember not being able to find at least one photo with my granny when I missed her after her death.It was when I learned the value of a moment and embarked on a journey of capturing and cherishing every point of my life I used to face a dilemma whenever I received the dreaded '' storage full'' notification. This would force me to delete some old photos to make way for new ones. Each deletion would feel like a loss as if a piece of my life's story was slipping away. Fortunately, my SD card has become an endless repository for my memories. One particular video taken by my mom in my whole SD card collection holds a special place in my heart. It captures the moment I completed my first marathon, crossing the finish line with tears of joy streaming down my face. My dad holding a placard written “Madina, вперед!” with the meaning I believe in you, my dear daughter, every time shocks me, how I didn't see it during the marathon. This video is not just about the physical feat.It reminds me of the expected marathon day after the four months of grueling training in summer and autumn, the morning runs at 4 a.m. in rain or shine, and the moments of doubt I overcame while facing professional athletes during the marathon, the magical power of reciting prayers..Even though from watching the video you cannot feel any smells,I remember the sweet smell of the flowers while running over the local Park every morning. Whenever I face obstacles in my life, I can revisit that video, drawing strength from the memory of that triumphant moment. The transformative power of my SD card collection extends far beyond that single video. Each memory is a testament to the love,growth and connections that have made me who I am today. If there is insight you can get from what I've written,here it is: The happiest people may not be those who are making fortune or living in castles, but maybe those who can live and appreciate the present moment.Because the person who won the lottery can still cry in the bed at night feeling depressed. Happiness,the one we are looking for in unattainable goals, may be just lying in the company of those we love and the memories we create along the way. Happiness is the intrinsic capacity which is waiting to be embraced by open hearts. In the tapestry of our lives, memories are the precious threads that bind us together. They are the cherished photographs and videos that transport us back to moments of laughter, love, and adventure. They are the faded paintings sketched upon the walls of our hearts, reminders of dreams, aspirations, and the people who have shared this journey with us.The scent of a freshly brewed cup of tea, the warmth of sunlight kissing our cheeks, and the vibrant hues of a blooming flower—these seemingly insignificant experiences hold the power to ignite the spark of joy within us. I read somewhere that brain lives on for 7 minutes after death of a person to replay its best memories. And it is you who define what these memories will be.

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