Heart beats

Definitely,if something does not have a support,it will ,definitely ,fall, that is,it will not be able to stand.At the same time,I want to begin with what is support of life, that is, what keeps it upright.It is , definitely, a challenge and struggle.It is the meaning of our our life.If people were to leave every hard work,there would be no world or religion,that is,a person would face many difficulties in his life.Sometimes,the coming calamity depends on the person himself. Obviously, you choose the challenge yourself,if you want to start something,tests will be ready for you. "A good work is a product of hard work,but if it is repeated several times. It becomes a skill", said the famous physicist Albert Einstein. If you will reapet this several times,you will develop a skill, that is, you will start to look at it . There is a saying in our people,that Even a falcon can not fly without air resistance. In this parable,the resistance of wind can be compared to a barrier and a falcon to a person. This is the proof of what I said above. I have fiercely, loyal friend that we grew up together since childhood. He was so social butterfly that we hardly stopped talking ourselves when we met. It is said that the life was so brutal but I had never thought one day. The life shows its true colours. One day,my friend complained about his heart and asked me to go the doctor. When we went to the doctor,he checked his heart amd presented my friend's analysis paper and said:"Look at this heart lines,they are going up and down, these lines called "THE LIFE",if it remains flat,it is death". We always want our life to be smooth and without problems,do we want to die? Yes, this life lines are the meaning of our life. I was warried about my friend after knowing the results of the analysis. Because he is my only friend. One day, I went to see him I told him to be careful and that I need him. Everytime,he said:"hey, why you say that?" Although, his illness, he was always happy and did not worry. One day ,I went to see him in order to know his condition and I mentioned that he should care about himself again. That time ,he asked me about sunflowers. I said that they are only plant. He smiled and said:"Sunflowers follow the ray of the sun and always turn its head to the sun . Surely, there are rainy days in our life. In thi situation,they look at each other,by this way,they share their energy". He read this in the article. These words of my friend became a lifelong lesson for me. Yes, there are a lot of things that we have to learn from the nature. We also need light and we look for it everywhere, likewise,among our friends,in society,in our family... Obviously there are cloudy and troubled days in our life and we can not escape them. On such days, we lose our mind,we fall into depression. How about we take an example of beautiful sunflowers?! On such days, let's look at each other in order to share our loved ones like a sunflower.

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