Him and her

Boy's pov: I could only hope for her heart to be mine, her beauty was not only on the outside, but it had shown through inside too. She was so sweet and so beautiful; how could I not love her? My best friend since we were little, she always saw me as her brother, nothing more yet nothing less. I wasn't disappointed per say, just sad. Sad that I'd never get that with her, sad that she'd never see me the way I saw her. Complete perfection. Maybe one day, in another universe, we could finally be together. Just never in this one. I guess some people just aren't meant to be happy. Girl's pov: He was my best friend, the only man I'd trust with my life. I loved him, but I was too ugly for him. I even had a boyfriend, trying to make him jealous. So stupid of me to think he might actually like someone like me. Someone as stupid and imperfect as me. He deserves the world. I wish he could see me the way I saw him, put on a pedestal, almost seen as royalty through my eyes as a mere peasant. I only wish for his happiness, now and forever. Nothing more and nothing less, just best friends until the end. ACTUAL SCENE Boy pov: Today was her 15th birthday, she invited me to her party. She told me to wear a black suit with a red tie, to match her dress of course. We were going out to a fancy restaurant, I was going to tell her how I felt, for if I didn't these feelings might overcome me. She looked breathtaking beyond words in the bright fluffy dress she wore. She put on a little tiara and grabbed my hand. My heart began pounding harder and harder as we stepped closer to the table. This was going to go terribly wrong. Maybe I shouldn't tell her, maybe being friends was for the best. No, I have to tell her. Tonight, is my only chance. Girl pov: Today is my 15th birthday. My parents told me I could take one special friend out to dinner and of course, I chose him. He was my one and only after all. I hoped he wasn't embarrassed of me as we entered the restaurant. I could hear the people's thoughts “Why is such a handsome man with such an ugly woman” I tried to push them away. He was right by my side, smiling, and that's all that mattered right now. If I could make one wish, maybe he'd be there with me, but not as my friend, as something more, but that dream was now long gone. I knew he couldn't bare to be seen with me, imagine how much damage us dating would truly cause. Scene from both povs at the same time: I felt the note in my pocket, the note that could change my life forever, or ruin it. His hand was stuffed in his pocket. He seemed nervous, maybe he was scared people were judging him for being with me. I should back away. She stepped away from me, why? Maybe she was uncomfortable I felt terrible. “I'm sorry was I getting too close there?” “Oh no you're fine don't worry” I smiled. He was such an angel. “Listen, I have to tell you something really important okay? This can't affect us at all and I hope this doesn't hurt you” I was shaking, what would she think, what would she say? What was he doing? Was he going to drop me? Fat shame me? What was I going to do without him? “Of course” I said shakily, this was going to go terribly wrong. “Listen insert name I've loved you for a while now. Probably since the day we met. You're so beautiful and so perfect. You know me better than anyone…” What? What was he saying? I couldn't breathe. “You're my world Ashlyn and I can't imagine going on without telling you this. I love you so much. You're everything to me and I know this is sudden and random and you're probably going to hate me for this but-“ I grabbed his handsome face and pulled him in. He's so stupid. I felt his lips press against mine as we both felt years of stress fall off our shoulders, we were finally honest with each other. I haven't felt this good in years. We slowly broke apart, she had…kissed me. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could barely move let alone speak. “You- You're amazing.” I smiled at him “Same to you"

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