Hope in Trust

Spoiler alert of That 70s Show!!!!!! Last night as I was watching an episode of “That 70s Show”, I saw that Hyde, one of the characters, cheated on Jackie, the character played by Mila Kunis, and I started to think about trust. See, he was one of the characters that I liked the most and I really thought that he was a good person, even though he played and made jokes with everyone. As I watched what happened, I couldn't believe it. When Jackie found out that he cheated on her, she chose to not talk to him and ignore him. Since I started to think about trust in relationships, I decided that if someone cheated on me I would never trust them or talk to them again. However, after watching the episode, I actually believed that Hyde was sorry and what he made was a mistake. And this made me think: should I change my mind or do I still think I shouldn't accept an apology? I always thought trust was something that shouldn't be broken. It should be preserved and nourished. For me, it is not something shallow, it is essential for a good and healthy relationship. So, if I deeply love someone, should I accept their apologies or stand up for myself and leave them? This stayed in my mind and I still can't decide. Later, Jackie gets back with him, and this didn't upset me. But why? He broke her trust but because they loved each other, they came back together. But should I just believe that love is going to fix everything? And how would I live with that thought in the back of my mind? I am still very young so I don't think I will find the answer soon. Actually, I hope I never find the answer, but it feels good to just let my mind wonder.

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