On November 2019, it was appeared dangerous disease. This illness was very serious and fast. It went fast to world away. It was frightful murderer -CORONAVIRUS 19. Certainly, it did not forget our motherland- Uzbekistan. Coronavirus came to our country on 16th of march, 2020. On this date we were in “Urgut” market. We were buying many new things with good intentions. I had my new uniforms bought to my parents to wear them at school, albeit there was no much time for shool holiday. Furthemore, in this time my dear, my unique person – my grandmother was alive and she was with us. My grandmother walk with me, also she was happy from living happily. To be more precise, we did not believe ourselves. I am convinced that, this time my aunt called to my granny: - Alo, good morning mother. Where are you, now? Where is my father? - Good morning. We are in market with Sherzod. How are you? What is happen? - Do not spend too much money. Come back! Now Uzbekistan notes the first ill with coronavirus in Tashkent. Be careful, unhealthies are too many. In spite of costs, try to buy food, oil and flour. - What!?... Hhhh… Do not hurry! Is it correct? Be careful your health and the children. - Ok, bye. - Good bye. … Hmm. Before this date there was no virus in our country even though there were a great many of people who were down with this serious disease in the world. Especially, a large number of ailings located in other countries. Besides, western Europe turned into hearth of COVID- 19. Due to the fact that virus became worse than before, plenty of migrants returned to their motherlands. Frankly speaking, these days' one of the urgent issues was this virus. As a result of it, more and more people detached their parents, children, relatives, neighbours, houses, bright future, unique memorize and health. Someone died from COVID- 19, another one died from separation, the other one died from horror or panic. Indeed, all of them were frightful, but wrestling with not seen enemy were our must. Every place were quarantine, no-one went out. Everything was online. Streets filled with ambulances. The worst was that, if you were ill, you could not see your relatives. And deaths' coffins were from iron and there was no permission for opening them. Yes, of course, it is so sorrowful to tell them for me. On 27th of March our cow gave birth a small calf. And I called my granny for joyous. From our perspective it was nice news for all. If I am not mistaken, it was 5 pm. My granny told me they would move to our home owing to quarantine. They were worried about not meeting us due to the world's problem. After that I told her about that I was happy from that and I asked them to come here fast. On the grounds that, cottage- their house was dividing us. To cut in short, they came there. We lived together. We try to make a kind of interesting jokes, games, activities for the purpose that we were not bored. At this time, we enlarged our sowing area. Also, many plantings were planted by our family in this area. Passed many days, weeks, months… and October came. We never thought about it. My dear grandmother became uncertain illness. We brought her to treat many doctors. One doctor said she was healthy. Another said her heart was not good. I did not know. She died on 10th October 2020 in the evening, hypothetically it was 9 pm. Unfortunately, she was very kind for us. “Her place will be in Jannah- Paradise”. Regardless of epidemiologic condition, a lot of people came to burial ceremony. Nevertheless, she was not unique sacrifice of this defiant years… I maintain that, we understood more things at that time: Personal value, love, relationship, friendship, patience, confidence, thanks to God. Dangerous COVID- 19 taught us them during these terms. In addition to, I want to tell you thanks my dear Uzbekistan, my President, my nation. Also, thanks to the doctors, the police officers for their devotee, unselfishly work. They work for us, albeit we are more than them, albeit it is dangerous to work with illnesses. Certainly, nowadays this disease thinks that, if father of country- our president Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev did not give us spiritual strength, motivation, we would never reach peaceful, healthy life. Moreover, so many kinds of organizations were organized that helped the helplesses, extra medical centres, quickly advices from television by high experienced specialists in such kinds of viruses… all of them must- pay attention exercises. Covid-19 is a teacher for every sphere of life and taught us to be more charitable.

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