Human hunts for herself


I passed by the TV two months ago I hesitated a lot, and soon I became, accustomed to the calmness of my little world, but we must know the news of our world, It takes time to open up to the pictures of animals in the streets. It seems like a documentary! I repeat: I want news of this world, my God I change to another channel -The percentage of pollution in the world decreases and the ozone layer is almost closed to return to its previous state. Pollution in the world decreases when people stay at home. What's wrong with this TV !! It only carries documentary films that are transmitted to another channel. The minister of health announces there is no medicine for Covid-19 until the beginning of next year --Covid - 19 !! What is it I haven't heard of it before, so what's wrong with this world it became disordered! -Come and see what wrong with the TV. Let's know what struggles there are in the world to continue our journey. - this is a fact, not a documentary. - You're sure kidding. We went on a trip, and its ruins! On the way, their isn't any noise. Most cars are parked aside. Just air looms. Silence is just the present. There was no mood for discussion or possible talk. The incoming is unknown. It seems like the dreaded virus will announce a curfew We got home, my mom greeted us with fear, and the virus said it was spreading quickly We entered the house, my mom told us that we had to wash a lot, we cleaned ourselves, tidied the items and slept in a deep sleep, ignoring what was happening. ********* I woke up the next day On my mother at seven in the morning confirming the decision that there's a curfew, my little brain did not understand what was happening! Where is the virus? and where is it from? Questions that are difficult to answer. I didn't expect the curfew to be long this much! I looked on the window that has the view of the street, no sounds and no movement, and I remembered past days. The day that recurs and does not like to change, waking up at five in the morning, inhale a dose of cool air, drink peppermint tea, and listen to the radio. The voice of the announcer is warm and the news is depressing. I try to ignore only some of them. I get dressed and try to get hope from my moms smile! As I go my way up to that usual point, I pick a jasmine flower and keep it to the closest book. Once I get out of my village and move to the city, I see it sleeping, except for the birds and some old people like me who are used to get up early morning even though I do not have an appointment.! I do not have an answer except that I am glad to see the old man sitting on that chair, looking around, seeking pain in his heart, when he looks like this, as if he's looking for someone in frowning faces. When he sits from the early morning in the watch shop, can anyone wake up early to buy hour or is he selling, he continued, with keeping the old man's mystery stuck in my mind. What happens now with the decision of the curfew? I ended up in my usual place on the wooden bench, after minutes, the students begin to come carrying with them the coffee, and sleepiness are right a At their eyes I see some of my friends, too, since the morning. It seems that the day is bad, and the subjects is such a difficult thing to achieve, but I see them getting excellent marks. Now I recover all of that in my memory. I do not regret what was gone except with the old man, if I had the chance to have a conversation with him. In his voice, I may find one of my answers. Now I sit still, no noise comes from the children and cars, silence is on everything. The scent of the flowers are gone from the last usual week. The tea is the time spent most on, the smile of my mom, I remembered the old days so I got up optimistic. - I have to work hard now. I got up to my work in a rush The soul is chaotic and ruined as an opportunity for the soul to return hopefull again. I ignored all the mess on the office, and my eyes looked at my office, and kept my eyes on the computer, and my thoughts set a schedule in which I would focus on each period on a stage. I set priorities in my relationships with the people around me and learned the culture of deletion, deleting people texts and things. Seeing my life comes after what was exhausted by the afternoon sun. I put my days and choices I put my days and choices in the carpet of comfort. As for my dreams, and what my soul doesn't like, I woke up from their slumber most of the time to go on the path of work. Let's say it is a period in which I reviewed what should be the time I have completely. For the first time I felt free I had my full time, I do what I want any time I want and this feeling may not be repeated. I'm a free person who doesn't care about appearance, nor appointment, and nor for social statuses. All of that collapsed behind the doors that were closed Thursday evening, and months passed and they haven't opened yet!

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