I am Her

When you have already had a flashback of what happened with half of your life, after how things turned upside down all of a sudden, you would know you were reborn. Life may give you surprises, for better or for worse, but you will have to hold on. There is nothing permanent in this world but change. The wheel is and has been turning to keep you mobile. Trust me, there is no chance that you will get stuck unless you want to be intimate with gravity.(hahaha) Relationships may come and go. But, you will be left with memories to ignite that fire inside you. Never close your doors and take chances. You are worth it! It is one thing to pay respect to the past and it is another thing to let history hold you down. You have to embark on another journey armed with a newfound hope. There is an inevitable future waiting for you. Don't be afraid to open your heart.

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