If Death Could Have a Word

We all hate death. Even those who commit suicide do (God rest their souls). For most people, talking about death is like talking about that surgical procedure you're scheduled to go for. 1. If you could have it your way, you would not want to go through with it. 2. Now that it is inevitable, it does not make it any better when you're told, "you won't be the first". 3. Even when you're assured you won't feel any pain, it still does little to still your thoughts. 4. And you'd be alone. A. L. O. N. E. It's the same with death. But what if we could sit death down and talk? What if it was not an " it" but a "he/she"? What if it listens to our rare talks about it and wishes it could... Say something? 1. Maybe then we would realize that in this staged play of life, death is also just an actor. 2. No matter how much we hold on to life, death is bound to follow through with the script given. 3. And like those villains, they are never loved but the movie is usually not complete without them. 4. Maybe then we would realise that if death could have its way; a. It would ask to be taken off the stage rather than take others off. b. And if it has no choice, it would listen to our pleas to take the 'very old', and 'evil' ones only. c. And when all is said and done, it would feel even better if none is in that category. But. The script is written. The players are chosen. The play is on. And death has a sad role.

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