It's never too late to study

It's never too late to study, these words have changed my life. This year I was had to graduate from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, but no. Now I study only in the second year. Why? Let's find out about it from my essay. In 2013, I graduated from high school. The 16-year-old girl had to take a serious step in choosing a profession. Without thinking twice, I went to the exams at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University and passed. It was a Natural Science faculty, a department of Biology. My scores on the results of the exams were enough by this faculty so I had to stay. I did not know Turkish and therefore had to study in the preparatory course. I wanted to study at the Faculty of Communication, in the department of journalism and cinema. After the preparatory course, I went to the exam again, to change the faculty to the one that I liked. Not everything was so easy. I did not have 1 point to pass. This university have free education and that times were difficult for my parents, they did not have enough finance to pay for my studies, so I stayed. Study has begun. At first I was interested in Botany, Zoology, Cytology. I studied well. But deep down inside, there was something wrong. After the first year I again went to the exam to change the faculty. Can you imagine, I again failed this exam. But I worked hard. This time I did not have 0.01 points to pass. Then I learned that such a small numeral can affect your life. I continued to study, because I could not leave. In the second year, lessons about Anatomy, Histology and etc. began. Once, on the Internet, I stumbled upon the phrase: It's never too late to study. On the same day we had a laboratory work. We cut the hamster and looked at the insides. I cried inside when the hamster was put to sleep and then it was cut. Returning home, I finally decided to leave and study there where I like. But in the middle of the semester it was impossible to change the faculty. In the second year there is a program that sends to study in Turkey for free. I submitted the documents with the hope that in another country it might be more interesting to study. I continued to study until the end of the semester. Although I did not like it, I was the first in the rating for studying in the group. The exam time set in again. These exams were held in the summer. And summer in Kyrgyzstan is very hot. This time I thought that if I do not pass the exam, I will not study anymore. I went to the exam, wrote everything I knew and went out. The results were to be known in 3 days. Last times when I did not pass, I did not pass from the first round and from the second. And this time I did not pass from the first round. The last hope was for the second round. With great hope that I will go to my favorite faculty I submitted for the second round. Sincere faith and hope, the hard work, strength of God and the energy of the universe helped me. I passed the exam! Yeah! I will never forget this moment when I stood with tears and looked at my name which was on the list of those who passed. My dream has come true. And in the evening of the same day a letter from the University of Turkey came to the my post. I also passed there. Everything goodness was on my side. Before me was a very difficult choice: to go to Turkey or to stay in Kyrgyzstan and study at my favorite faculty, but start with first year. Guess which choice I made? Of course, I chose the second. Two years have passed since that happy moment. Now I'm studying in the department of journalism and cinema. I shoot short films, write interesting articles and take photographs. I like what I do. This internal energy helps me win at many media competitions in our country. I do not regret, that I have lost so much time. This experience has taught me that everything happens at the right time and in the right place. The main thing is to believe and work. Yes, not always your goals and dreams are achieved, but this should not break you. If now you have the same difficult choice to learn or not, choose study in the field that is interesting to you. After all, you must dedicate your life to this. We always have the opportunity to choose what is interesting to us. In Kyrgyzstan it is accepted, that pupil must to enter at the university after graduating from school. If your child after school could not enroll in the university, this is considered a shameful fact in the Kyrgyz mentality. I hate thıs fact. So I could not quit my study in the unloved department.Just because of respect for my parents, I stayed. Remember that it's never too late to find your way in this life and it's never too late to study. The only thing that reassured me when I was studying Bıology department was music. What happiness,that at the age of 6 I was sent to music school and I can play the violin. Every loss gave me an incentive to move forward. Playing compositions of great classical composers, I calmed down and knew that soon everything would be fine.

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