It's only me and my life...(during the quarantine)

Everyone thinks that life is hard even if they have everything. But those difficulties are on the road to achievements. And now, everybody knows that Covid-19 caused a lot of problems in all fields of life. Now I'm 15. My birthday is in May and this year I had to celebrate it in quarantine. I was planning about a completely other celebration before the pandemic, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it. As I was trying to win in an international olympiad on the subject of English which was planned to be held in Italy I really wanted to celebrate my birthday there - in Italy. But... Yeah, I was unable to realize my dream. However, my lovely parents made a big surprise for me. It was really fantastic. So, now I am pretty sure that I should never hurry to worry. Yesterday I have heard about the 2nd wave of Covid-19 in November- December. I was really sad. Many people died, and dying every day. And at these times I always feel sorry thinking: "Oh, it's someone's parent or someone's child..." Then I say " Oh, my God, keep my dears away from this catastrophe". I live in a flat. Spring and summer are the very seasons for spending time outside but, unfortunately, we are spending the whole months at home. But I always try to cheer up by recalling the best moments of my life. There were a lot of times when I was very happy. I took first place in many online competitions which made my parents feel proud. And I often recall my crazy classmates and their endless jokes. During quarantine, my mom is trying to take care of our health. And makes us do some exercises. Quarantine is like - getting-up in the afternoon, eating, eating, eating, sleeping. I wish I wasn't becoming like a girl in "Charlie and the chocolate factory" which gets plump after chewing gum. First, we began to do exercises with my sister but again couldn't keep doing it. Have you ever seen the cartoon called "Gravity Falls"? If you answer "Yes" you know exactly that there are three books. There is a picture of six-fingered hands on it. I made the third part of this book. I think it is not bad. The most surprising thing is that the pages are the same as in the cartoon. I found them digging all over the internet. Do you know "Ladybug and Cat Noir"? I want to make Marinette's things: bag, sketchbook, diary, and others. But I can't find craft foam anywhere. And I drew in an A3 poster all superheroes of this cartoon which surprised all my relatives. And now I am planning to draw a poster of "Avengers". Yeah, I can't imagine my life without drawing. I think quarantine gets longer so I will have much time to learn and draw. But I should admit some plusses of this pandemic. I think it is making us care more about our dears. The weather is getting better as there are now little gas and wastes are produced. Even in April and May it was snowing. Can you imagine snow on green leaves and flowers?It was so fantastic. When writing these sentences I recalled the film "Avengers. Endgame" Have you ever seen it? If yes, you may also know It's one of the best films in the world". But I have a sister who hates them. And always asks me: " How many times have you watched it? 5-6 times, am I right?" And when I answer "no" she answers angrily "ok then 7 times?". But I think I have seen them more than 7 times, but don't say to my sister. And in this film half of people disappear. And Captain America says, " But we must look at it in a positive sight. The sea, the oceans are clear, and even today they have seen a whale." I think we should also see quarantine's positive sides. Maybe I went off the topic while writing this essay, but I really wanted to express everything I feel. I wrote all these words from the bottom of my heart.

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