January River Paperback

Another joyous day because on April 20 I have released a paperback edition of my novel January River on Amazon! This heartwarming cross-genre story, a fine mix of literary fiction, coming-of-age, mystery, and romance, about five friends, one dog and one river carrying a secret is available as paperback on Amazon for only $10.99. Animal and dog lovers, don't skip it because this is a story for you too! When one of their friends goes missing, everything comes crashing down for the small group of childhood friends in the small town of Greenfield. Ethan takes it hard. Then he loses his dog, his only consolation. Hoping to start anew, Ethan leaves Greenfield and moves to New York City. Far from the ghosts of his childhood and the river that gives and takes life. There he finds his one true love and builds a career as a bestselling author. But how long will Ethan's happiness last as doubts creep back into him and shatter his reality? And will his reconciliation with the past come at too great a price? All rivers carry their secrets, but not every river keeps its secret forever. Please don't forget to leave an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads and recommend it by word of mouth. Thanks! BJ Source: https://www.bernardjan.com/post/january-river-paperback

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