It is the story of a long past. In a village, there lived an old couple. They had a single son initially. They did not have any daughter. As they wanted a daughter, they performed various religious rituals and duties, and went on fasting as believers. Wherever they went, whichever temple they visited, they sought a blessing from the God and that was for a daughter. They were in hope of a daughter, but got another son. They had no daughter. As I am writing this story of elder son. It might be interesting and painful to hear few things on his life biography. Even being a first son of family, Maybe he wasn't mean to be treated the best in the family. PHASE I: During his birth, as he was from joint family: His love was distributed to another one year elder child from another family. He wasn't that cute and his mother was disliked by many in family. His only love from family was "Mother". His father used to live out for study and work simultaneously and only would visit once in a while. He was in his struggling phase and couldn't afford to bring family to down. The boy started growing up with lack of food and love from family. His mother used to busy with all household works as in community we lived in, "Innocent are made to all stuffs in family". She used to be beaten as it was daily routine of her. With all these, she had a dream that her son would study and be a good person in future. With so many requests in family, the boy was sent to town to study with his uncle and aunt who were settled there. PHASE II: The boy went to town but had no idea what his life was going to be. At such a small age of 5, he was far from his parents. He had so much things to say but he couldn't. His aunt had issues with mother, and used to treat the boy like slaves. He was made to do household works, sleep on ground, and eat the remaining portions. He had 3 cousins, but they were trained to be cruel with him. With small mistakes, He used to be beaten on daily basis like his mother was. He had routine of " Work, Go School, Come back and Work". He used to always curse god and finally had lost his belief on "GOD". Once a month, his mother used to come to visit him from village. The moment he used to see his mother, he used to run and just hug her tightly. Even when mother used to ask about scar on faces and hands, he used to smile and lie to her that he was very happy. Maybe, he knew she might be already suffering herself in village. It went on for long time. The boy had no life there. When he wanted to study, he was meant to do works. Only school was place where he could do it. His mother would know everything about his son with those scars. She insisted her husband to take his son with him and care him there only or else he wouldn't study somewhere he is not taken as human. Almost after 2 years of await, His life took another turn. PHASE I RECALL: He was very silent kid. He used to see his whole family against from childhood. He used to try and save from getting beaten. They both used to cry a lot. The sad part was that, when his father used to trust his own mother rather than my mother: "and used to beat her even more." He used to hate his father as well. Every aunts of his family were senior to his mother and used to force her do all doings. Every mistakes were transferred to his mother as no one would trust her words. Only when the second child was born, maybe his father started loving that child as her was very cute. Plus, there were no any child in the family at those times. PHASE III: He was taken to Kathmandu by his father. It was in 2000 AD, where the boy first visited to Kathmandu thinking his life was going to better now. Initially, he was not interested to go with his father as he disliked him. But then he thought, his father has right to do anything with him rather than the outsiders. He was very afraid of his father. He joined private school. He found a new life. Slowly, after living together he started finding changes in his father. Maybe, his father also started realizing importance of child and family. Stuffs like, “During office times, his father used to hide money for his son under table, boxes, in books which he read, etc." The Boy started loving his father back again. Slowly after a year, his brother and mother started living with them together. Maybe that was when, the boy found what he had dreamed of. "Family Together" PHASE IV: Years passed by, the family was together. Once a year, whole family used to visit village, and maybe with time people started changing. The boy had forgiven everyone who treated him bad in those days. But mother never forgets anything. She didn't want to talk to anyone who treated her slave in past. It was fun going village after then. He was very happy seeing so much changes in his life. Everything seemed so good for him, as when he reached to class SEVEN, he accidentally broke his leg. ALL OVER?? PHASE FURTHER: *CANCER *LOVE FAILURE *INTROVERT *ALONE *EXPLORE

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