STARTS AGAIN. . . *CANCER *LOVE FAILURE *INTROVERT PHASE V: As when he gets up, he found himself in hospital lying on stretcher. What might be going through his mind? With X-ray, he found out the femur broken completely. Sometimes, life just makes so big U-turn: We just can't assume it. A guy finding a way through from his tough childhood, results here. Unlike other accidents, it has so much drama in it. It might sound not a big deal, as accidents keep happening. After all those hospital things, when time comes to go back home with new start, doctors found out their carelessness in operation as they mistakenly leave one screw, unscrewed inside leg which was reason why the boy was still in pain. I guess this doesn't happen every time. Mother is mother, she got angry and slapped the head of Orthopedic as it was one of those silly mistakes which could lead to extreme condition. “Some doctor's behavior can lead this incident", as before discharge, “The person in white coat quoted, "I am the doctor, everything is fine", but. . . . Next date is issued, and same would is played with again by those stupid doctors. The story behind the accident is still doubtful as how can one of the hardest bone of our body can break so easily? “Stupid doctors made the parents mind full of doubts and doubts--leading to bone marrow cancer, again no conclusive evidence, but doubt" Whole family was in a disarray, of why n how all this happens? They went Mumbai (City with great hospitals for cancer treatment), with journey of almost 3 months in pain, Finally They found that It was mild condition and Result went positives and treatment was successful. Life before the result sometime can take away everything from us without letting us know as we get lost in it from the real world. PHASE VI: Love is very strange, literally we just can't write it down on paper. Days passed on, life started getting better. Relationship among family after cancer got more polished. Here, the years passed by when school level was about to end. Then comes the twist, the childhood crush started to be the "LOVE", he finally came to admit in front of the girl, in most stupid manner as in movies, group of boys after group of girls leading to girl house and those "3 so called magical words", but in reality the "fallen in trap, once and forever". It all happened with the influence of other boys pushing the guy to speak up. The boy got the "oxytocin" activation and result everyone think as "LOVE" The girl wasn't ready for it but she put up task or test for the guy to pass, Boy accepted. He failed by inch, but girl accepted it. But it could just last for 2 weeks. Maybe it wasn't boy ever dreamed of, as he was born and brought up watching "SRK- the Love King" movies with love songs, etc. Again the blame starts to be on himself, and he is left with nothing but himself. PHASE VII: Introvert, they say but still I don't feel it. Maybe, it does exist but never knew what it was called for. The boy started focusing on secondary education where his teenage starts. This is the phase where he has to walk on himself and find a way to deal and heal simultaneously. Everyone is innocent, at the beginning. But, the surroundings we live in changes us. TEEN AGE, rightly the age of, "a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity." The guy meets with many new faces expecting to be with good heart. His expectation met rightly so, found few with very good hearts. But good hearts only let us feel good, but "Good Focus, Ambitious, Never Give Up", is what he wasn't so near and dear with. It was like free bird to him, and there with the hormonal control on him rather than other way around, He completed his 2 years with just a waste." Only he could learn to obtain good grades, but here it more mattered was “Grade with values". Basically, he was lost with so much of freedom and returned home with nothing more than a certificate. You guys might be wondering on love story above we talked about. Interestingly, the real feeling of innocent started after school life ended. He met a girl who literally was out of mind, every time they would talk "she would think of dying, leaving the world, bla bla stupid things". She was maybe the most psycho person he had ever talked to. Yes, you are right, they met on social media accidentally on 1st April. Maybe destiny was fooling them around as this story wasn't ever going to be completed. Details on POEM: (FEELINGS) They had very tough times but here with lack of words limit, I just want to conclude on: "Love or feelings on someone shouldn't be described or judged by the third person. Every story is different and very far from our our reach. BEING SUPPORTIVE CAN BE BEST THING WE CAN DO. How a guy who was so introvert and barely talked came to become the most spoken person in college, and quite active in changing the world?" *ALONE *EXPLORE |"*`WAIT FOR NEXT`*"| |COMMENT|


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