Julip Lullabies and Silent Cries

A Note from the Author. Dear Readers, I am sure by now, you have done your research on Google to find exactly what a Julip Tree is. I mean, we have all heard about Mint Julep's but definitely not a Julip tree. So, what is this tree that holds such meaning in the story? I'm afraid you will not find your answer on Google or anywhere in the search engines that we have available in today's world. The Julip trees are found deep within your heart. Allow me to explain. Remember seeing something as a child that threw your mind into complete enchantment and set your soul to a warm, comfortable feeling? Your eyes grew bright with wonder at the sight and your heartstrings were filled with such peace that you simply enjoyed the moment, saving it deep within. Often, I find myself thrown into a whirlwind of memories at a certain scent or familiar road that I once traveled, taking me back to that moment in time and reliving the emotions of the memory. A Julip is a memory flower that blooms artistically throughout the year. Each petal innovatively created with purpose and beauty in its own time. The petals on each flower representing milestones and memories that are made in our lives and the ones who lived before us. A strong foundation of love, trust, and hope built firmly into the roots that carry the branches of faith which hold the Julips comfortably off of the ground. The Julip Tree is an analogy that represents family. We are each petals of a Julip that blooms with time, love, and patience. Our family is the roots, each piece instilled with values and strong virtues to hold up the branches of faith that we need to carry one another above the ground. When we are in full bloom, we are content, loving and living in the moment. When we fall, it is only a memory that we leave behind. A beautiful memory.

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