Kenda I decided to catch her that time. kenda always pressed my doorbell and vanished. I failed to catch her. I stayed all the night till the early morning waiting for her, I was sleepy, and my eyes became red. I waited for her 23 hours that I told myself no way, she would never come again. But suddenly she appeared holding her chair. She was creeping slowly like snakes, looking left and right in order to make sure that nobody could see her. She stopped in front of my door. I was watching her from the peephole waiting for the right time to catch her. She jumped over her chair, smiled and her hands were close to touch the doorbell then I opened the door surprisingly, and she fell off her chair, her knees were bleeding, I felt fear in her eyes. I was sorry for her. I told her, I would never surprise her anymore. Her mum called shouted “kinda, come back little naughty”. She cried more. I helped her to stand up, cleaned her wounds and, bandaged her knees. I gave her sweets and told her that she was now free to go. Days went by and she misunderstood my words. She still touches and plays with my doorbell and run while I watch her from my peephole and smile.

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