Let's Realise our Duty

With an unprecedented outbreak of the NOVEL coronavirus, grew the unfamiliar term “quarantine”. Every headline of the news and newspapers made human know its growing importance. Its sudden emergence, mandated practice has put chores to an indefinite pause. Even our elders lack ample experiences of such circumstance. The contagious virus, discreetly creeped into every corner, to devastate human civilization. Incessant efforts of scientists and researchers have, until now not yielded relief to the world. Eventually, humans are left with the sole option of quarantine, the best possible method to sever the contagious chain. This seclusion turned out to be torturous for stranded persons. Exponential growth in cases across the globe led to depletion in medical facilities. Plight grew worst when restaurants, train compartments were declared quarantine centres. A stranded labour, who was previously quarantined, broke out in a media coverage, “a fortnight in gloomy chambers, improper meal and social aloofness are suffice to kill a person”. Primarily all burden fell on shoulders of a section of people, especially the doctors, nurses, janitors and many more. But world cannot halt forever! Adopting hygienic habits in our lifestyle could enhance living in the new normal. For the first time ever, we students have an indefinite period of vacation. Every day of school was assignment laden thereby we were least bothered of our surroundings, especially at home. I had a different experience in my quarantine days at home. My vigorous behavior perished with passage of time. Meanwhile, weariness saturated within me, like a disease. All routine, healthy curriculum deteriorated with these times. But mum was an exception to this schedule. She woke up with the sun, slept with all her errands done. Dauntless dad at work for intervals and Mum occupied with Jack and me. I remember Mum, cooking meal in the sultry heat whereby came a shout from Jack, “Ma, my blue pants lost!” I pounced on, “My stomach is rumbling with hunger!!, Mum”. With a delicate smile, Mum, “Jack that's wet, Joe your lunch on table!!” I keenly observed her routine. Once I asked her, “You work the entire day with no pay. Times have added to your burden, isn't that unfair? Leave all this tedious work, Mum!!” Mum said, “Do you know about superheroes?” I frowned at her. “Those in the comics?” She said, “No, they are present even today! Doctors, nurses, sweepers, electricity suppliers and many more who are saviours of today. Today, they are concerned of lives than of their wages.” Aren't they, the heroes?” she asked. I nodded. She elucidated, “Your father works, both of you study and my job to nurture you. Anyone renouncing his duty would lead to abrupt collapse. Every piece of a puzzle makes up a picture. Similarly, units of effort results in a solution. Progress is possible when EVERYONE works in this new mode.” Indeed, this instance surged my conscience towards realisation. Today, the world stands solely on the feet of our doctors, sweepers and other caretaking staff. Although we constantly remain at our places, our duty towards society shouldn't be shrugged off. Input of duty by every student, employee, officer could RESTART the paused world. Obligation of quarantine perhaps seems to tarnish our lifestyle. Nevertheless, a duty conscious serves until the end. Be quarantined and continue performing your duty.

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