Life during a pandemic

Life during a pandemic It is no exaggeration to say that coronavirus disease has somehow taken away the most meaningful part of our peaceful lives in a sense, restricting human freedom for a while, as it is said that existence cannot be felt until it is lost. In return, we panicked. Still thinking about those days makes my heart skip a beat. It was March, I was a student, due to a coronavirus the government transferred all the students to study online, the study was continued online but most of my student days were spent at home with my family. I am 24 years old. So far, my life has been full of joy and fun. In my first year as a student, I played a lot of games with my group mates. after lesson we would go to libraries and learn anything. We wanted to learn more language in order to study in Europe. The student period was very interesting and full of memories, but due to quarantine, many things were limited. The streets were completely closed, as if everyone is under house arrest. The population also had financial and spiritual problems to live. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev provided the population with food and financial assistance. Assistance not provided in other countries has been provided in our country. The economy has shrunk dramatically between countries, but we have helped each other and saved the world from this disease as much as possible. The coronavirus separated someone from his father and someone from his mother. In a word, I call this disease the plague of the whole world. It should not be forgotten that, as it is said, the world is saved by heroes, the whole world was saved by doctors, scientists and policemen, and I can say that their work in this work is great. Because doctors treated patients at the risk of their own lives. Scientists have studied the origin and composition of the coronavirus and developed vaccines to prevent the spread of the disease. Developed countries, such as the United States, Russia, China and others, have imposed various restrictions, over-crowded streets and attractive places were empty during quarantine. I have learned a lot that no matter what changes take place in our lives, a person should not stop moving, that is, I did not waste time during the quarantine period. I got it. I finished the study year with excellent grades, despite my study was online I also organized online courses in English and Russian for my groupmates to improve their knowledge. It's been 2 years. Quarantine restrictions on our lives have been almost removed. Studies are also taken offline. Because of the knowledge I gained many things during the quarantine period, I was admitted to the master's program this year. In conclusion, I want to say that people should always support each other and help each other. I think we all overcame the challenges of our lives together.

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