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Write about myself? Oh, where do I begin. My name is Bella. Some people call me Bex, and some people don't. As much as I wish that was it, it's actually Isabella G. Mulet. We don't talk about what G stands for, because that's embarrassing. I'm your average Cuban girl, born and raised in Miami, surviving every day with ADHD and anxiety. I have no fear in standing by what I believe in or my opinions. I go to a small, amazing high school called MAST @ Homestead. I live with 10 family members, whom I love dearly, but living in my home can be crazy, loud, and stressful. With that, I find myself doing activities that I love as distraction from the chaos I call home. Writing, skateboarding, listening to music, playing the drums, and sleeping are just some of the many things I enjoy. My interest in writing has existed since I was young, and now I enjoy describing emotions, the effects of social media and the twisted realities of our world. Listening to music goes hand in hand with my writing. I dedicate approximately ⅓ of my day to reading and analyzing music, from Ritchie Valens to Pink Floyd to Drake to Gustav Holst; music is my passion, and I hope to continue it into college. I'm probably one of the most ambitious people most will ever come across. I have big dreams. I plan to attend Duke University for college, a school I have loved since I knew it existed. I want to graduate from the Pratt School of Engineering, hopefully leading to a career in designing medical equipment and prosthetics, I also love to build and assemble. I'm just a girl from one of the smaller parts of Miami, dreaming to make it big. I'm not an adult, or a professional writer, or something worthwhile yet. But I'm getting there. It just takes a little passion, perspiration, and determination.

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