Mental House Freak

In my mental padded white room Hearing sounds of well pure nothing Except for a ticking noise in my ears How annoying, batteries need to drain Here I go hearing this tick tock, tick tock, tick Well, you get the idea of what I am saying Sounds of a clock's arms moving, a leg shaking To the numbers of 1 2 3, tick tock, tick tock I am rocking to the beat hearing a song Not much to do when you're tied up In a jacket with the sleeves behind you Moving as a spider with no legs swaying Laughing at that thought I smile With a grimace in my eyes. I have a window in a door with no knobs Pointless when I can't get up to see out It's just a tease as water is in a dry desert As you can tell, I'm not all there, yeah, I'm a Mental house freak in a world of normal. Okay, sorry in a world of half normal people Hope that makes you all feel a tad bit better I'm in a room because they said I'm not insane I wonder where they got their degrees. This makes me scratch my head too, well wait I'm tied up I can't scratch a thing but make faces At these thoughts tick toking in circles in this head Of mine, I don't see an ounce of sanity even floating. I think I better shush for now; I hear feet coming Right at my door, they stop, calling my name Of course, I will never answer, I let them wonder If she is truly okay? Maybe thinking what a nut case What can I say? I am a mental house freak. Creaking of the door my eyes finally open to daylight Oh man what a dream, all these things that fly around Inside of me and yet I remember the story to tell. As crazy as these dreams are, I come alive in a way I get to bring my fantasy world out into words Even though I come out as a mental house freak. Copyrighted By Kelonie Utley

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