Mirrors. If you think about it, mirrors dictate our world. Why do we have them in our bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, pockets? They're everywhere, following each of us like a plague. Infecting the world with an unseen disease that does not have a cure. They haunt us even when we're asleep, giving us nightmares about the many things we are insecure about. Mirrors. Do we need them? Most people use them to soothe their insecurities, to make sure they do not make a fool of themselves in front of people who they deem worthy of such consideration, to change themselves into shells that are barely recognisable by people who once knew them. Mirrors. I bet you didn't know that they are the gates to a world that only few know about. They could be considered guardians of that world, if you want a proper name for them. Story books depict dramatic entrances to magical worlds where the protagonists have adventures full of unbreakable bonds, countless enemies and create memories that last a lifetime. However, in real life, things are different. In real life, where not every story has a happy ending, mirrors transport you to somewhere you never want to be. Hell, if you put it bluntly. Not the hell you are thinking of. Not the one with fires blazing everywhere, not the one with demons walking around like they owned the place. No. This hell is a world that looks just like the one we live in. However the difference lies in the fact that our world is one with people roaming about and vehicles emitting black gas into the air. However, though most things in our world can be found there, there are some that you'll never find. You'll never find people, animals or plants there. Not living ones anyway. No matter how hard you look, you will never find them. Here's the catch, that's not the reason that universe is harsher and much harder to survive in than this one. No, the reason is that once you enter, you will never be able to leave but do not fret you will not be alone. Have you ever felt loneliness? You know, that feeling of being the only one present despite being in a room of people? The feeling of being the only one alive. The feeling of having no one by your side. Nasty experience isn't it? Once you feel it, you'd never want to go through it again. Well, the same goes for him. He has feelings too you know? Just because he's not from our world doesn't mean he doesn't feel just like we do. He's desperate for company. He will be looking for you for company and you cannot escape. You have been warned. Good luck, I believe you need it. Don't worry too much, he's known to be merciful to a select few. You may be one of them. Hopefully.

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