My dear children, let me tell you a story. A warrior princess who not just believed in empowerment but proved her metal by conquering her fears than just owning a castle of her own. An elegant soul with a pure heart mesmerized with the beauty of patriotism and valor, who adored her country so much that she decided to give it all. Myself being a coward tried to stop her but she had formulated her decision so firm, I just couldn't stop her. But…the day she wore her uniform for the first time, that very moment, a part of me felt proud of having her in my life. That marked the beginning of her journey striding through all odds. Soon, I realized that she was the one inspiring me and changing my perspective towards life. I took pride in the person I was becoming, all thanks to her! One after the other, badges were added to her uniform just like the feathers in her hat. One fine day, I decided to surprise her by joining the army. I wanted to show her, how blessed I am to have a companion like her in my life. The day I got the letter of my selection, I couldn't contain my excitement. The very next day she was going to visit me.               All good things come to an end, my happiness was shattered when I received her, not in person but in a frozen box. My poor heart knew nothing about the pain experienced when you lose your loved ones. I cried all day. I was finally able to conclude that I am going to walk in her footsteps and make her proud someday.            My dear children, I stand in front of you as a dauntless warrior who once used to get panic-stricken with every little thing. I have nothing more to say but one thing, your mother was my role model and her love kept me going.  Even at night when I look at the stars, I feel her presence so warm, I sleep tight knowing that everything is alright. Go to sleep now. It's getting late!

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