My COVID-19 experience

Our first lesson on Saturday is philosophy, and the teacher is very strict, don't do what he says, and then you will see what you get. Today was one of those incidents; I and a few of my friends were severely punished for not bringing the textbook our teacher had told us to bring. So, if we leave the classes and do not order this textbook, the teacher will definitely "kill" us for the next lesson, so my friend and I went and ordered the book. Then we all went to our dormitory. At the beginning of this year, we heard about some unknown but highly contagious disease in China, but we had no information. All we knew was that many countries are under quarantine due to the outbreak of the disease. Well, around 1 or 2 o'clock, after having done with my lunch, I heard that the little known lethal disease had arrived. On the official channel of the university, they said that everyone should take precautionary measures and return home, because the country will close educational institutions due to the quarantine. Everyone was in panic. Everyone was afraid of what will happen next, there is no more studying, how long will the quarantine last. Without waiting a second, with all the fright, I headed for my hometown. On March 15, quarantine has been officially announced, and all measures are being taken to ensure that everyone wears a mask and does not gather in public places. Everyone in our family works for the government, so we all gathered at home in one day. First day of quarantine, there was panic as always everywhere. In fact, if you stay at home, you have nothing else to do, if you go out, you will be charged or got caught for violating the quarantine rules, or you yourself will not dare to go out as if the virus is at the door. Our days have started to pass the same way, because everyone is out of work, we immediately dig out our phones and check the internet every minute to see if there is something new. But to be honest, I liked the quarantine at first, you don't have to study, you don't have classes, you can wake up whenever you want, from morning till night, or watch TV or search the Internet, or if you're bored, you play Counter Strike on the computer, of course, then you will immediately find partners - that is, your brothers. Yes, it was a good to start, the days were great, I seemed to have fun, but for a week I felt like I lost myself, you don't have classes, you are mainly busy with sleeping but nothing more. But I decided for myself, that's enough; I knew that in this quarantine, first of all, it is necessary to make good use of time. At that time, online classes had not yet been fully launched, and we, the students, seemed to have been left behind. By the way, at the same time, we brought my beloved grandmother to home; whenever my grandmother is with us joy fills our house, because she is very energetic and cheerful person. At that moment, we knew that the quarantine would last for an unknown period of time until we were notified, and I started making plans for myself. The first thing I did was to cut my hair. In an online class, no one pays attention, either you turn off the camera or, at least, put on a cap. My next plans were to do sports. At first, when I studied at school in the village, we always came and played tennis with my brothers in the evenings, because everyone in our family is good at it. From the basement of our house, I forced my brother to take out table tennis, which no one had played for a long time, and covered with dust. We had fun playing with my brothers, because it used to be like that, and then we all realized how much we missed those exciting moments because we were busy studying. One of the big things I did in quarantine was teaching my grandmother to play tennis. It's not easy as you think, you teach grandma how to throw the ball by showing an example shot, and grandma throws it as she wants, and you bring it from everywhere and after getting exhausted by picking the ball from far distance all the time, you finally say, today's training is over. In short, me did a lot of things during the quarantine, I read books, took care of the animals in our house, played sports, actively participated in classes, and got vaccine. But that's not the main thing, the biggest lesson I learned from the quarantine was love, our life has accelerated to such an extent that we are all busy with work and studies. Many people lost their loved ones, parents lost their children, children lost their parents, friends, loved ones, women lost their husbands, and men lost their wives, and I realized that this little virus not only served us as a great renaissance in medicine, but also taught us to value our loved ones, that everyone should act together, and that taking care of oneself is equal to taking care of other people, and as my story ends here, this is the end of COVID-19, but the start of new successes.

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