Taking the rough with the smooth

Taking the rough with the smooth- it's quite important. Being a debut author is incredible. If you write, there is nothing like seeing your book in your own hands, or even better in someone else's hands as they sit, totally engrossed in your story. My book has been on the shelf for just one day now, and it has been crazy busy, but oh so exciting. On occasion, I still have to pinch myself to believe all this is real. This is my Book! 🤩 Since being published, people now ask me if things have changed. In some ways, yes, they certainly have. For instance, I now have a physical book and so I finally feel validated as a writer, and in my own heart and mind I know that all the hard work was worth it. But I am only a human and in some ways, no, things have not at all changed. Old fears have simply been replaced by the new ones– like, what if people do not like this book? What if no one reads my book? What if people underestimate me & my content? What if they take me as just another unpredictable teenager? etc. etc. These are just worries, and the good stuff definitely outweighs the wobbles by far, but the worries are still there, and I think it is important to say this because there are bound to be people out there creating a book, a creation, a work of art– people who are feeling this way too, like me. This means I am not alone. We are a society intent on achievement and on success, and we are completely driven by results. No one can change this fact. But there is one major lesson that writing with the aim to get published has taught me… and that is to enjoy the journey. So, what do the first day of being a published author feel like? For me, it has been the best experience ever, because everyone– friends, family, teachers, readers– has been so supportive and so kind, it is truly humbling. Writing is a solitary career, so I can understand why many writers shy away from interacting, but to be honest, I love it and I can't wait for more! And yet, there will always be small worries and fears. But I think it is possible to celebrate this huge achievement, to remain oozing with happiness, confidence and energy. Fears also have a rightful place; it is all part of the roller coaster ride of being a writer or doing anything creative. And if we do not have fears, how will we challenge ourselves, to improve and to grow? I believe, we need to take the rough with the smooth; accept the fears and keep going. And above all, enjoy the journey. 😇

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