My life in quarantine

The 15th of March is a significant day in the history of Uzbekistan. On this day, a patient with Covid 19 was registered in Uzbekistan for the first time, and quarantine was declared. The quarantine regulations were extremely strict. As a result of the quarantine, public activities such as weddings and family gatherings were prohibited, and wearing a mask and keeping the distance were made mandatory. Many Tashkent- based businesses shifted their focus to the productions of masks. In general, everyone's lives were affected by quarantine. I was planning to enroll on university before the quarantine was announced, but the prohibitions did not pass without restricting learning centers and educational institutions after the quarantine began. They were closed and my preparation was stopped. In Mid-May, I began studying online, but online education was still not equivalent to offline education. And also it is the first time, online education was introduced in Uzbekistan so the quality of education was poor. Furthermore, the internet speed was really slow because I live on the outskirts of the city. As a result, I frequently skipped classes. We relied solely on my father's income prior to quarantine. My father did not work 2 months in quarantine. Finding payment for online courses was extremely difficult. My mother asked financial assistance from my uncle and he paid my course payment. The second month fee was also charged. We thought that if we ate well, our immunity would be elevated and the virus would not be able to infect us, so we ate well from March 15th to May 1st. As Dad's money ran out, they began searching a reason to fight my mother. They had argued before, because my mother wanted me to be well-educated. My father was never in favor of a girl being a high educated.The quarantine was eased slightly in June and the tutorial centers were opened. However, the monthly fee at the learning centers was doubled. My mother asked for permission to go to the learning center from my father again. I just began practicing without leaving the room from that day. I just attended the class and then returned home. It was my schedule at that time. Beside of those, I had given up. I was just thinking about what would happen if I did not enter the university. Due to quarantine, the exam, which usually takes place in August, was postponed to September. Regardless of what happened, I went to university and was really happy with my life. However, my uncle became infected with the Covid 19, and my happiness was not extended. My uncle struggled with the virus for a month, but the struggles and hardships did not help. On the 15th of October, we heard both good and bad news. The bad is that my uncle died, but the good is that my nephew was born. My uncle's untimely death had a negative impact on everyone. Since then, my mother has been jittery. In conclusion, the virus and the quarantine brought me both joys and losses. People came to the conclusions they needed during the quarantine period. Brothers and sisters, who had been unable to meet due to property conflicts, understood that money is insignificant in comparison to human life.

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