My Little Life

Wandering in the small grass patches, the streets, high and broken walls of the city, I was trying my best to live. I just was a few weeks old maybe with an orange-white coat, having no one but myself to rely on for all my necessary resources. I would change sleeping places, run from tree to tree, jumps walls, and ambush for snacks. My life was adventurous and interesting all in my graceful demeanor. In society, they saw me as nothing but a nuisance while I lived fearing the diminishing of my so-called nine lives. Everything that flutters looked like play and prey and, everything came down to that for my survival in this green-blue world of mine. The world I was born into looked a little different from what the relatives from the colony told me. Empty streets, cries, and fear emanating from people, so the outside became a place just for us where people occasionally came out to feed or throw trash aimed at me. I was told life is run and chase, but it seemed I was only chasing not really escaping from much. People seemed scared of something and hid in their territories. People kept themselves conserved but never hesitated to approach me, that got me nervous of them. It's not like any of their jobs would be done with my help, unless I may snack on rats in houses. Luxurious indoors makes me jealous. All the wonderful food, clean water, a warm bed, loving family, and my very own toys and home range. Sleep all day, play all night, food at any time. That's life. My humans would also keep me protected from all the evil and scary colony-mates and other humans. But for a stray like me, all I can do is adore such felines and kind humans, however, my instincts keep me away from them. Nevertheless, humans do approach, and when they do I dodge, run, and hide under cars, behind trees, within bushes or any place that evades their vision. To survive this brutal yet adventurous world, I need to be strong, brave, aggressive, stealthy, wild, and most importantly, clever. Being just a playful kitten is never an excuse for a stray in the streets of a human colony. Territorial battles, keeping invaders off-limits, feed, sleeping spots, and even friends are a matter of conflict. And then we have birds of prey, domineering dogs, and snakes bearing their claws and fangs against. This is how I live my life. In fear, anxiety, and also some play and fun. Despite all this, I live in peace and keep my charm. If I lived in Egypt, they would worship me as they consider cats as gods symbolizing happiness. Just that, Newton's law of inertia has exceptions. I had slept all day after I caught an enormous rat. That had to be one of the biggest meals of my life. I was relaxing on the green patch of a field in the human hyper area. The cool breeze, the smell of human food, songs of my future prey, and just me. The night had set in and I was planning in my head for the play session when suddenly the grass felt humid and warm. In the split of a second, my whole being was up in flames and sparks, my coat blazing and skin burning. Before I knew, I was up on my feet and running amok in directions I couldn't understand. I was looking for a way to help myself, ease the indescribable pain, and find air to breathe. I was but a kitten with a frail and delicate body. I wailed and cried, tossed, and turned but no help arrived. I am but a body-less soul now trying to figure out what had happened to me that night. I presume it was an accident that occurred as I saw some humans while I burnt. I wonder what happened to my tiny and weak body. Was it saved by someone? Was the fire put off? I wonder when I will find these answers. Although I have these uncertainties, I am now living my dream. After that horrific incident, I was picked up by tender and kind soul-reapers. He has such a soothing smile and gentle touch that I can't help purr while he is around. He provides me with all the food, treats, clean water, warm beds, toys, and even plays with me. He not just cares for me, but even for many other cats that he has. Now, this is a dream come true. When I was alive, I wish that even humans could have been the same towards me and other cats. We would live such amazing lives. I have no regrets, just sadness that I couldn't live to adulthood and find more friends and hunt for my big and tasty meals. Author: This is the story of many kittens and cats worldwide. Recently, there was a viral video of a kitten being burnt alive and I have tried my best to describe the event from the kitten's perspective and hopefully, I have done justice. The intention is to spread the message that cats, dogs, cattle, and generally animals are lives too. Just like humans, they feel happiness, solitude, gratitude, shame, pain, anxiety, fear, hunger, and other emotions like us. We do not have the right to harm them for our entertainment or to vent our anger, far the less kill them. Let's always remember, they are lives too and they deserve the same if more not than we do.

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