My school life

Time flies so fast, and life keeps going on. When I look back to my old me in the past, I have realized that I have changed a lot. I have learned many new things, met countless new people, and shared and got countless experiences. I can feel my self-development, and I believe that this is because of the power of education I have absorbed throughout my whole study life. When I was a small kid, I was sent to primary school. At that time, for me, going to school was just only the time I had to deal with my strict teachers and enjoyed my break time eating ice cream and playing with my friends. Life was too carefree and easy that I did not really realize how hard my parents worked to support the family. When I started my secondary school, things were getting more complicated. At school, I was told to set up my own goal for the future. Young as I was, I have learnt to develop my own perspective to value education. With a strong passion, I am getting curious about myself, particularly my own ability; that is why I start engaging myself in many competitions. Because of the motivation of education, I struggled harder and tried my best for all works I did. I learnt that everything is the result of the creation of humans, and of course, a person alone can make a lot of change, so for me, there is nothing wrong to dream big. Physically, I may be looked so small that people may not be able to believe how big my dream was. Since I was 13, my big dream was about getting a scholarship to study abroad, and people may not believe how I took my dream so seriously that I would do anything just to reach it. Sometime I feel I was getting lost because I had no idea at all how to reach it. I could remember the day when I asked my dad to drive me to the place, where I was going to have my very first scholarship exam. He could not decide if I was serious or not, but at the end, we were there. Although I did not make it, I felt so excited that I was able to find a clue to my first big goal. High school was giving me the toughest time. There were so many tasks to do, but so little time to prepare. I had to be more productive, overcoming countless sleepless nights and getting up to school very early. However, at the end, I managed to make my high school as the most successful year of my study life. Life was really tough, complicating, and tiring with many painful experiences; however, with such a strong motivation, beliefs, and inspiration from family, friends, and especially, teachers, I was able to keep going and getting through it greatly. University was even tougher; however, I realized that I have improved, learnt, and discovered myself a lot after finishing my first year of university. I was, in that time, a student, majoring in International Studies, at Institute of Foreign Language of Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My biggest achievement I made in my university year was being able to get scholarship to study abroad, which had been one of my biggest dreams for 5 years. I am now pursuing my bachelor degree of financial management in Czech Republic. I am proud that I finally have this day, and I cannot be thankful enough to every single person who has supported me through every hardest time I encountered especially my parents, and a huge thanks to myself for daring to walk through those hard times without any hesitations and for never giving up. To those who are chasing their dream: keep improving and motivating yourself and working harder; do not give up. You just need some times to learn how to fall before you can learn how to fly, so it is fine to face failures. No matter what, at the end of day, only you, yourself that are the real master of your own destiny. If you decide not to give up, you will one day see the light of success. If you tell yourself that you have to keep going, then you will never stop walking.

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