Nothing is impossible with my God

Thanks to God! Thanks to my parents who teach me to do great works in this short life. My poem is published in International antalogy in America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ under the name of "Talented voices of Uzbekistan" and sited in and put to sale in 26 countries. I am so glad about this news. Just amazing situation. My poem travelled to my favorite dream country before me. I will also travel soon, of course. May be you want to read it... Save me, God. I was born with hope in my pure eyes Grew up and saw spring more or less. What I did in this illusory World Save me from sinfulness ,oh, my dear God Doing big or small sin is just define, And I abandoned you in my merry time. But I asked you help, sinking in grime, Forgive me, your sinful slave, oh, my God. Life is beautiful with me, I got it, For filling my life with happy event. For doing a lot of worthwhile good deeds, Always protect me,oh, my kind God. I will obviously take the top of science, My attempts show this, my prays define. I never surrender, victory is mine, Encourage me in this long way, oh my God. His hands are harsh, his hair is white, Still works in daylight or during the night. Because he tries to make my life light, Preserve my father, I beg you, oh, my God. Wrinkly faced,her kerchief fits well on her head, Her love likes fount, her love never end. Even sacrifices her soul to her kids, Protect my heavenly mother, oh my God. Being capacity isn't my ambition , My nation will know me. This is my intention. Readers love my poems as Zulfiya's word, Support my every work ,oh, my dear God. My alone request, my sole plead, This five days life is going to end. When it will measured my sin and good deed, Brighten my face in front of you, God. There are defects,I know. But it is written with sorrow in my heart. Anyway, I tried to express my difficulties, especially, parents' challenges on the way to my happiness. So it was hard to me express it with words, truly, I am weak to do this.

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