Number one for me

Watching the sky closely, I thank Allah for every breath I take, for seeing smile on my loved ones` faces again. Disorder began in Hubei led to QUARANTINE throughout the world. We firmly believed in scientists to find vaccine against coronavirus. Until that time we had to wait,keep ourselves to ourselves. A week passed. There was noone in the streets,cities as if ‘'dead city''. Three weeks passed. Pupils kept on studying via e-school. They had enough time to spend with their family members. Regarding to Introverts, nothing had changed. Hovewer, the major problem was faced by Extroverts. They weren`t used to staying at home all day long, no walking, no gossiping with neighbours. One day my chemistry teacher called my mom. They were colleagues some time ago. They talked as though they hadn`t heard from each other for 2 or 3 years. My teacher lives for restaurants and eating out thrice a week. She asked whether the restaurant near our house was selling takeaways. The smell of barbecue her neighbor had had the day before never had her sleep. She decided to go restaurant right away after the coronavirus outbreak. Two months passed. Shortage of money began posing a problem. My father wanted to keep working as a truck driver during this global pandemic. He came home every 15 days and spent only 2 days with us. I graduated my school with red diploma and gold medal. That wasn`t surprising as I had already succeeded in a number of contests like Olympiad in my country, Innovative Olympiad by breaking the record, etc. At that time I was trying hard to win International Olympiad. I wanted to be pharmaceutist. People were amazed and asked how I kept other subjects with chemistry and biology. I even got 7 from IELTS. The big day came. I had to go Tashkent for the exam for International Olympiad with my granny. My family was a great source of inspiration and love for me. Before I left, we had our photo taken. I didn`t know that was the last time my family gathered together. We reached our destination safe and sound with my grandmother always abiding the rules of quarantine. I sat the exam and was sure to win. After it my picture was taken with holding the flag of my country. People had never imagined such a girl, whose school was so old, even a gym or lab couldn`t be found, doing her best to make her country famous. The next day my mom told me to come home as soon as possible. By the way home, my results were announced and I won bronze medal. Having entered my home, I found my mother and elder sister in tears. They showed my father to me. I thougt he was sleeping at first. But seeing he was having special cloth worn by some people looked like doctors, I even forgot how to breathe. My father had already left this finite world by the time I got home… The only thing we could do was seeing my father for the last time. While trying to grab my father from their hands, I fainted. The time I opened my eyes, I was at hospital. My mom`s red eyes, broken heart because of separation remembered past events to me. The phone rang. One stranger man told us the place they buried my father. We didn`t know whether they had buried him as usual or not, whether they made dua or not… I didn`t want to believe in my eyes and ears. How? Can my father have died? I asked my mother how that happened? She told me he was affected by virus the time he went shopping for market called MAGNIT. Before that the man called Nurmat affected by virus and lived as if nothing had happened after he recovered. He had kept it secret from all. Because of him, the owner of MAGNIT also became sick. The last days before my father`s death, he hardly breathed. In the X-ray test,his lungs couldn`t be seen. Why my father? I see my father in my dreams but when I wake up he is gone. Night and day, I still feel he is close to me. But I am so thankful for every memory I shared with him. After a week my grandad also died by virus. My granny couldn`t accept it and she didn`t wake up again after she went sleeping. We knew all of these things happened because of unscrupulous major and his assistants. They did nothing for the safety of people. They also reported others as no one had affected from virus and died so far. The songs by Maher Zain sent by my friend Erkin helped me to stop the tears, keep my faith and be strong. My mom told me to enter AKFA UNIVERSITY I had dreamt of after we returned home. The life began to be colourful again. Before the exam my mom asked me to promise her to survive no matter what. I sang the song ‘'Number one for me'' by Maher Zain for her. While waiting the results I heard the noise. I saw my mom lying on the ground and not breathing any more. At that time my sister congratulated me with my success without knowing her death. We called ambulance. The doctor told us my mother were affected by coronavirus. We were given 5 minutes to see our mother for the last time…

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