Our bed will be dust one day

I will tell you the reason why I did not name my essay that way. It is no exaggeration to say that the days that have befallen us have brought rain to the whole world. Every drop took people to another world. However, many people died that way. Maybe they went to a place free from the evil of the world, they got rid of it. At home, we would listen to online lessons until we got bored, and with a thousand and one difficulties, we would leave the textbooks to our teacher. We even miss our teachers whom we resent and hate. We could only remember our classmates who had fights and quarrels in the same class and we could only report them. But as they say "Love is in the eye", we told them "It's not long before we meet again"... When our relative living in the village got sick and died, we couldn't follow him to his last destination because of this quarantine... We bought glasses at home, we could not do anything else. We would endure it no matter what. After we reached the yellow gold of our patience, we began to return to normal life, but even then we followed the established rules and isolated ourselves. Save the market and shops. Many people's wives have been burned by this disease. God will test us all with suffering. Billions of money could not save a few rich people. The final address of those buried in the mass grave has not been found. He lived like a king, his bed was soft, the fluffy pillow on his head was as white as snow. Clothes were chosen for a capricious body, no matter how much, it seemed too little. After death it went everywhere. People's lifestyles are different, conditions are different, but the destination is the same?! One should avoid arrogance. After all, death is not a fairy tale, it is a reality. The same fate awaits the rich and the poor. Led many people names are different, but their addresses are the same. The same disease led many from their huge, expensive houses to the grave - to their new homes, bright and cozy rooms, to a small coffin with a new room. When you enter the cemetery, you will see nothing but graves and tombstones. He cannot tell who is rich and who is poor there. All a tests us all. He proved his greatness and what he is capable of. But he reminded that the whole world would be shaken by his command. He reminded us to avoid arrogance, conceit, avarice, avarice. He reminded us that we are slaves and that we have no choice but to repent. The saddest thing is that the call to prayer can be heard from the window that was opened in the morning, but there is no one in the mosque except Eldes. There is no sign of congregational Friday prayers. The feeling that made the heart of the Muslim believer tremble was that there was not even 1 part of 1000 people who went to Makkah and visited the graves of our Prophet. The fact that there is no one in Makkah and Madinah , which is always crowded, the house of God is empty, and the fact that no believer has visited the house of our prophet has caused tears of every Muslim. Arrogance, arrogance and arrogance should be avoided. Do not oppress the oppressed. Do not rely on position and wealth. Because the destination of all of us is the soil. If a person turns away from God because of committing a sin, he will return to God because of repentance. When our Prophet spoke about the times of repentance, he said that it can be done until his soul comes to his people, and that the gates of forgiveness are open. It follows that a person should repent until the time of death. When the Prophet and one of his Companions were going on a pilgrimage, they said: "If a mistake is made between one prayer and the next, Allah will forgive this mistake by performing the next prayer." Then the Companions asked: "O Messenger of Allah, shall I tell others this word of yours?" Nabi alayhis salam said in response: "Do not tell anyone else, so they do not rely on it." That is, the kind and merciful quality of Allah is that if one prays five times a day, he forgives the faults, mistakes, and sins between each prayer by performing the next prayer. A servant should feel this quality of Allah and repent. When a servant commits a sin on earth, the angels call out to God and say: "O God. Such and such a servant on earth made a mistake, committed a sin." Then Allah said: "Stop, maybe he will repent." After a while, the angels called out like that again. Allah, the Exalted, answered in the same way. The angels waited for a while. Even then, if the servant does not repent, God says to the angels: "Write this and this one mistake of this servant as one, do not multiply them." As he wrote down the meritorious deeds of his servant who created them tenfold. No matter what happens, if we ask God for forgiveness, he will forgive us. If you were a tyrant, you can become a believer later.

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