Part I: To Fix Everything

I swore I would destroy it in the past. I would have given anything to hunt him under this endless sky. But some things must be exploited before they are destroyed. I can never explain this to those around me, they will not understand. Angels have only one point of view, they cannot go beyond the rules. But I don't believe in limits. Because I reject God's will and rules. We should only protect the living, even from himself. If God doesn't do it, I will. I woke up from my thoughts and looked around. Everyone is lying around the campfire. I saw the old man, who taught me everything I know. On the edge of the cliff, looking at the sky, he was praying with a necklace in his hand. And he looked down and saw something in this great desert. Our eyes met, and he put one hand to his face, making a sign of silence. He gestured for me to come near him. I silently walked over to him and looked down. There were the footprints of the demon we've been searching for three years. We woke everyone up quietly. I looked at the crystals in my bag as I gathered our things without making a sound. One, two, three, four and five; none were missing. I looked around, no one should see these crystals, I shouldn't be suspicious. We packed up and came to the entrance of the devil's lair. I lifted my head up and "Let me succeed. Let me fix everything. You know I will."

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